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Friday, October 15, 2004


Yesterday I went out to the 'burbs' to visit a girlfriend and took Kestrel with me. We had a nice time and went to pick up her son, who is in Grade One. Once back at the house, some sort of demon apparently took over my daughter and she became this horrible nasty thing that spent the next two hours tormenting Kiel. She was hitting his library book (a huge crime in his books because it was to be "respected" (his words)), taking his things away and then put a rather significant mark on his face. He was extremely unhappy about all of this, but to give him credit he never retaliated and I was impressed. I would have. At one point I caught her hitting him at the same time as she was saying "Sorry Kiel" to him! How's that for a pre-emptive strike? I have no idea what got into her, but it does make me a tad worried for the future. Note to self: don't leave new baby within reach of toddler!

On a fun note, Doug bought me some purple velveteen leopard print pajamas at Old Navy! I am in love with them! Also, he got me some flannel ones with pumpkins on them! This is because I suffered a recent loss in my green and blue flannel Old Navy cowboy pajamas - the ass blew out of them. I've only have them for about five years! I paid about $10 for them in the U.S. one time and they were my favorites. Once I have washed them, I will have to give them a decent memorial! Sigh - goodbye jammies!

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