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Sunday, October 30, 2005


So last night I had the opportunity to get out of the house and go to the grand opening of a friend's new store. It was close by my place so that was convenient. I fed Hayden his supper and nursed him before I left, leaving behind two formula bottles. I arrived at the gathering a little late because while Doug was out foraging for food, he had a car accident. It was not very bad, but unfortunately the other person involved was on a motorcycle. A nice Ducati, by the way. He hurt his right leg a little, but declined 911 assistance. Our BRAND NEW VAN got a little scrape and dent on the rear right quarter panel, so that is just a bit depressing. Doug was pretty shook up with the thought that it could have been much much worse.

Two hours later I got the "rescue call" from Doug and I could hear Hayden freaking out in the background. I was sad to go, but truthfully had been approaching my departure time anyway. Naturally Hayden was asleep when I got home! I am not sure why he was freaking out - he never does that and it bothers me a little that I am the only one who can comfort him properly. Hannah has more success than Doug it would seem, but I kind of figured that Hayden was still young enough that he wouldn't notice me missing as long as his needs were met. Oh well, I will continue to press on. This will NOT stop me from going out!

Potty training for Kes is going very well and she often just trots off to the bathroom herself. What a relief, I thought this was going to be very painful, but it is going surprisingly well. So, one thing down, one to go - getting rid of the beloved "uggies". "Uggies" are her soothers and she must, at all times, have two of them. One is for her mouth and the other is for rubbing on her nose. If by some stroke of luck she finds more than two, so much the better. She merely rotates which one rubs her nose over and over. It is the queerest thing to watch and I must get it on video one day before we banish them for good.

The weekend has gone well. I have been feeling a lot better and that is a good thing! I am anxious to get by the new store and shop now that it will be officially open tomorrow.

And now, a picture of the boy:

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