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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Caffeine and Ventolin

So what comes after "dead on your feet"? Just when you think your nights can't go any worse, they can! I swear I am operating on the scrapings of fumes now. Thank goodness for caffeine, because I think I'd probably collapse in the middle of the street were I out walking. In addition to that I forgot to go and get more Advair yesterday, so now my asthma is acting up and I am strung out on Ventolin. Nice. It's like being on speed but with nausea. Okay, I've never taken speed, so I'm making an assumption. Maybe you DO get nauseous with speed?

Last night we had to remove one of Hayden's casts because the horrible "smell" became obvious again. I had been sniffing paranoidly around the tops of his casts and got nothing, but when I started getting whiffs, I sniffed his toes and OH GOOD GOD THE SMELL! Hubby and I agonized for a bit over what to do. He didn't want to remove the cast because he thought we would lose ground. I reasoned that we had already lost ground with missing this week's casting. We settled on trying to cut the cast around his big toe which is where we thought the problem was. Easier said than done as there are several layers of fibreglass and you are trying to cut around precious little toes. But we chipped away at it a few times during the day and then finally as we were getting closer, Hayden was becoming more distressed so I suggested we just take the cast off. Our next appointment is Tuesday so I felt like it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Hubby agreed and a good thing we did remove it. Hayden's toenail on his big toe had cut it's way into the little fat pad above (he has gnarly toes and toenails) and had left a perfect half moon shaped cut that was weeping and bright red and STINKY! I imagine as we were letting the pressure off with the cast it was hurting like a son-of-a-B and that is why he was getting so upset. I was glad we took it off so I could clean it and air it out. And I have checked the outward rotation which seems to be coming along finally, so he should do fine. This is what it looked like:

Doesn't that look sore? Snif! Snif! Who would want this little person to EVER suffer?

That's him practicing his Gene Simmons imitation. Maybe if KISS ever recruits some young blood? Hey, you never know!

Anyway, I am feeling a little frustrated and disheartened with the whole club foot thing. I feel like we are constantly taking two steps forward and one step back and very sloooowly making our way to the end of this part. With such a long road ahead of us, do you blame me?

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