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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wait....Was That.....SLEEP?

Last night? WAY BETTER! I gave Hayden his nice bath, as mentioned, and got him all ready for bed. Took him downstairs to nurse and he fell asleep almost immediately. I had to actually coax him into finishing because otherwise my boobs leak and it's just all wrong. Took him upstairs and put him in his CRIB, which he stayed in for about two and a half hours. I know that doesn't sound like long, but for me it was an eternity!

He slept really well for the rest of the night, waking periodically for....wait for it.....his PACIFIER! I offered myself to him and he declined! He didn't really nurse until the morning and he had several long stretches. Husband's snoring notwithstanding (DON'T get me started), I feel a little more human today, although I still look rather pale. Hayden seems to have adjusted to the Markell boots and bar fairly quickly (babies are adaptable that way!). Have a look:

Sorry, some days you just can't get 'em to smile. But then he did this:

And finally, one in the exersaucer:

So things have definitely been looking up. Just real bummed about the Mitchells, but we'll get there!

1 comment:

M&Co. said...

Oh he looks like a little skateboarder!