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Sunday, June 11, 2006

My Heart Skipped a Beat

Yesterday I think I stopped breathing for a second when Hayden pulled himself up at the couch, grabbed a toy and then let go of the couch and stood for a split second before he plunked down on his butt! That was the last thing I expected to see so early on and now it would seem that all of my worry has been folly. Really, the only disadvantage he has is being male, ha ha! I'm going to just settle down now.

We rented the movie Nanny McPhee and Kestrel and I watched it together. It held her attention off and on, whenever the kids were on screen, she watched. Whenever the adults were on screen, she lost interest. However, we got through it and at the very end when Nanny McPhee is walking off into the horizon, she asks me "Where's Nanny McPhee going?" and I told her to go and help another family. She says "oh" and her bottom lip starts to quiver and her eyes look watery. I said "Oh no, are you sad?" and she burst into tears and BAWLED for about five minutes while I tried to explain that it was okay, the kids had a new mommy they loved and that Nanny had to go and sort out another family of naughty children. She was not convinced and was visibly upset for a few hours after. Of course, it got me going too because I am a big sympathy crier and well, I just love that my girls are so much like me when it comes to tear-jerkers! It also pleased me that she had this awareness that something big was happening in this film and that she had feelings about it. I love it when they suddenly transform into little people who know what is going on.


M&Co. said...

Oh we loved Nanny McPhee! The BoyChild has really begun to understand movies and it is so fun to watch his wheels turning thinking about things. We watched Doogal the other night and he was mesmerized. Cars comes out this weekend and we may go see it for his birthday. He'll be four on Monday. Bbbbbaaaaaahhhhhh. Where did the time, and my baby go?

Anne said...

WOOOT! For Hayden! Oh so so soon he will be toddling away from you and giggling like mad lol I can't wait for THAT video!

Oh crying makes me cry.

When Declan left 1st grade last week he walked out looking too stoic and his eyes were VERY wide and his lips pursed together and when he got to me I simply said, "Oh honey, it's ok to cry!" and he lost it...then I lost it...and his poor teacher lost it AGAIN lol It was her very first year teaching and she was just a wreck at the end of the day. *sigh*

Now I'm crying again lol

My girls cried everytime they watched Golly leave on Harriet the Spy (me too) and now the younger kids are doing it lol I guess being a mush-pot isn't all too bad.