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Friday, September 22, 2006

C.S.I. Returns!

Oh, I love September and all the premieres it brings! We watched the first half of the new C.S.I. (Las Vegas) season and it was pretty good. The only thing is, that when I went to go to sleep afterwards, I realized I was quite freaked out by the ending. I had to come back downstairs until I was so tired I couldn't stand it. It was so weird! The gory stuff I can handle - I can watch all the shots of inside corpses, etc. - but as soon as there is something psychological that could really happen, I'm done. So now I am on tenterhooks to see what happens.

Oh, and seeing the preview for the Grudge 2 didn't help much either. I watched the first one when I was very close to being due with Hayden and I had so many contractions (from fear) that I thought I might deliver him at home! Craziness!

Speaking of pregnancy, check this out. So amazing! I remember those acrobatic days and nights!

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