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Friday, December 08, 2006

Ah, the Weekend!

Today I get to see my lovely twin and I am very excited! She has come down from Revelstoke for a few days and we have a whole girls' day of shopping and overindulgence planned - woo hoo!

In Hamster Boy news, he's pretty much only walking now - almost no crawling at all any more. He's still working on the teeth and I have noticed during this time that his balance has been less stable - he wobbles and weaves all the time and I wonder if it's just a developmental thing. He does walk backwards and sideways now, which is pretty cool! His vocabulary expands slowly and even though he speaks mostly gibberish, it's heavily peppered with "NO" and "DON'T" and "MINE" and "UH-OH". He has become fascinated with any letters or numbers that we have in the house - magnetic, foam, wooden. He has especially taken a yen to the wooden numbers that we have and carries them around all day sometimes. For a few days he was "counting" (when you helped him) and he had "un, doo and teben" worked out. Last night, though, he had a couple of the numbers in his hands and as I was getting him ready for bed he kept repeating "nine" over and over. I had to laugh because just by coincidence, the numbers he had were one and eight!! He can do math - ha ha!

I have to admit that the male of the species is a bit of a conundrum to me. In Hayden's case he currently "hulks out" over almost anything, screaming and throwing things, alternately beating his chest and strutting like a peacock. But then I find his emotional needs are So. Much. Higher. Than the girls' ever were. He continually needs reassurance - all day long he wants to hop into my lap for a cuddle (not that I'm complaining, but it's usually when least convenient for me), twiddle my hair and put his head on my shoulder. I think I've started to notice a pattern recently, too, with something else. He never wakes up at night (for an extended period of time). Bedtime is 7 and I don't expect to hear from him again until at least 7 the next morning. Even with teething, he'll whimper on occasion or maybe cry out, but all I have to do is go and reassure him and he goes back to sleep. But lately, once a week, he cries and blows a fit if I try to leave the room after checking on him. So I've had to bring him down, give him some milk and a lot of comfort and then after a half hour or so, he'll go back to bed. I think I've figured it out. I was chalking it up to teeth, which probably contributes, but I think it may be happening every Thursday, which is the first day he goes to daycare each week (he goes Thurs./Fri.). I think he's possibly missing me a lot on those days and basically he comes home, has dinner, bath and then bed. He's not getting his RDA of Mom. Of course, that's just my ego talking, but I'll check back with you next Friday and let you know!

I'm sure I have photos to download off the camera, but I haven't been snapping as many lately - too much going on these days with renovations (yes, two weeks magically became six, oh joy) and I've been fairly stressed out. I love being stressed out in my own house. Really fun.

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