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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Crisis Averted

Whew! We made it through the weekend. Hayden was not well at all on Saturday, although his mood showed otherwise as he was in fine shape. After he vomited a total of three times, he continued with wicked diarrhea. By the time he was through, I had to wonder if there was anything left in his intestines, bowel or colon, poor guy. But by the next day he was restored to full vigor and you'd be none the wiser that he was sick.

His vocabulary slowly evolves on a daily basis and his favorite thing to say - a lot - is "OH NI!", that is to say, "Oh nice!" There is something he says when he sees me and I think he is trying to say "Hi Heather", but comes out something like "Hi DayDah". It's definitely not "Hi Daddy" since that is one of the phrases he says clear as a bell. Elmo sounds like "Melmo" and when I try to get him to say "Hi Nanny" on the phone, he grins and says "HA HA!"

He's a cheeky little monkey and already uses humour to diffuse negative situations. When I get after him for touching his sister's computer, he will do this hilarious thing where he opens his mouth and then tenses it so he starts shaking. I have to get a video clip of that one as it is priceless!

He does what I like to call "crib surfing". He starts by throwing everything out of his crib and then throws his weight around until the crib begins to move away from the wall. Here's how far he got it the other day:

The photo is taken from hubby's attic office. The crib is usually flush with the wall beside the bookshelf there.

Hubby thinks I am too indulgent of him. He's been waking up kind of earlier than normal lately and squawking at us to get him. When he doesn't get results, he thrashes the sides of the crib with his brace - nice. A delightful sound at 6am, I can assure you. I usually end up getting him and either trying to keep him quiet in our bed, or going downstairs. I don't think this is any more than I did for the girls. But, one thing I NEVER let the girls do was touch my hair. I have never been one of those people who likes their hair being touched or played with and this is where my weakness for the boy has pervaded even my most stringent standards. Every night when I place him in bed, after I kiss my fingertips multiple times and tap the kisses all over his body (which he giggles at), I lean in over the side so he can stroke (what's left of) my hair for a bit. He enjoys it and it doesn't bother me in the least. Hubby, on the other hand, came down from his office during this ritual recently, snorted, and asked "Are you two finished making out?", which I thought was very funny! I think he is a tad jealous of the other man in my life!

Kes is back to preschool, thank the blessed stars, and I can breathe again! Oh, and the troublesome, punching child that was in her class has been shifted over to the other class, so end of problem there - hurrah! Hannah caught a cute photo of her in her "princess ballerina", outfit (given to her by our neighbour Jennie) the other day:

And I can barely stand the "cheeky" bum:

In Heather World, not much new and exciting. I have not had time for reading, writing paper-crafting or sewing. I've managed some knitting, which you can see here. That's about it.

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