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Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's Nice to Have a Purpose

I've been involved since last year with a booklet to help parents of children with clubfoot. I was initially asked to read over the document and give input from a parent's point of view, but I very soon became part of the committee. As all these things go, it has been a slow, yet productive process and we are nearing completion of the document. We can't wait to get it off to the printers!

Yesterday I received a phone call from our orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Pirani, who asked if I had an energy left for this project and I replied "tons!" Exactly what he wanted to hear, since the book had finally been read in its entirety by an "outsider", that is to say someone who knows nothing about clubfoot, to see if it all made sense. She had many very helpful comments and changes and he wondered if I could incorporate these changes. Of course I could!

I have felt incredibly honored to be a part of this project almost from the very beginning. It's a nice feeling to know that my opinion is valued and indeed my input and experience. It will be such a great feeling to see the finished product!

On the homefront, we're all just trying to recuperate from the last couple of weeks. Lots of late nights, an abundance of candy and gifts and my kids are FRIED! And please, please, please bring back preschool NOW! Kes is about to gnaw her own arm off for the boredom! Monday ain't coming soon enough!

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Eli's Mom said...

That is so cool! I've heard much about Dr. Pirani and it sounds like what you are working on with him is wonderful. Good for you!