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Saturday, January 27, 2007

No Parking

I loathe the park. First off, I am not really an "outdoorsy" person, nor am I at all sports or exercise minded. Taking the two littles to the park is akin to torture, as far as I am concerned. It ends up being like pig-wrestling, hide-and-seek and tag-you're-it all in one. That being said, I decided that since the sun was shining so brightly today that I'd take them over on the condition they both had naps. No problem there for Hayden, since he now asks for naps - but Kes agreed to it and she actually slept for an hour and a half. I braced myself for the next unknown length of time. Now, you should know that this park has a lot of sand and there has been so much rain lately that the grass is pretty much mud with a few strands of green poking through. Within moments, my kids were filthy. Thus commenced the chasing of the toddler, while trying to keep an eye on the preschooler as she darted from one end of the park to the other. I was exhausted 4.7 minutes into the game. Total length of visit: 35 minutes. Possibly a record for me. Yes, I stink as a mom. I'm sure they'll forgive me when they have their own kids.

And the word on history repeating itself, here is something I used to do being revisited by my son:
"Sittin' in a Box"


nanny said...

Mommy used to fit in a box a little better.
Love Nanny

chasmyn said...

Kiernen loves to sit in boxes :)

In fact, we've turned one fruit box he climbed into into a sort of chariot. I tied a rope to it with which to pull him, then put his softest baby blabket into it for padding. He loves being pulled around in that box! We'll probably even bring it when we move :)