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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Break Madness

So. Here we are on day three of Spring Break and I'm already thinking of ways to escape the house without anyone noticing. Pass me the vodka, now.

We are full on into getting quotes to have this house packed up and moved and already the arguing has commenced. So far, Argument No. 1 shall be known as the "Disagreement of Dates". We get possession of the new house on the 27th of April. The buyers of this home take possession at noon on the 30th. In my mind the logical day to move is the 28th, because then there is a whole day for cleaners to come in while the house is empty and go for it. Hubby wants to move on the 29th because he has a whole bunch of filing cabinets to move and wants to do that on the 28th. If we do it his way, we somehow have to get the house clean before noon on April 30th. Stress much? Like, when exactly will we arrange for the cleaners to come? 5:00pm on Sunday night, or 5:00am on Monday morning? And since the filing cabinets are in the basement and I have no intention of cleaning the basement beyond the absolute basics (it's BARE), couldn't the consarned cabinets be moved on the 29th? Pass me the vodka, now.

**UPDATE** This Argument is now moot. The date of moving shall be....April 28th! YESSS! (insert victory dance here).

Okay, boring. How about some Hamster Boy juiciness?

New boots (blurry photo not taken by me)

More new boots

New ballet gear for upcoming class!

Art from found objects by Kestrel

Admiring said art

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