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Saturday, April 07, 2007


"Parent Invents Special Rubberized Furniture That Children Bounce Off Of"
Tired and frustrated with the constant accidents her children were having in the family home, a mother has invented a special rubberized furniture that absorbs shocks and children actually bounce off of. "I was so tired of having to watch my kids like a hawk. Somewhere in the day a household has to function and things need to get done. The laundry does not do itself, although I am working on that one!" says Mrs. Mugwort.

Next to come is the rubberized flooring line that is currently in development. You can view the entire collection at

Ah, if only that would happen. Maybe I'll have to be the one to do it!

Hayden had an accident on Monday that I am just now able to blog about. What a stressful week. I cannot tell you exactly what happened as I was not in the room, but Hayden was carrying around a Makita flashlight (one that he has been carting around for months with no accidents) and went from the kitchen, where I was, to the living room. My guess is that he either tried to kneel or climb onto his ride-on car, or just plain tripped (or slipped) and fell, but I think he fell and jammed the flashlight into his mouth, relocating some of his teeth, at least two but maybe three. All I heard was the crash and the screams. When I got to him he was bleeding from his mouth and I figured it was the classic "tooth throught the lip" or the other classic "split the inside of the lip". Upon investigation I saw that there was no cut, but that the blood was coming from around one of his teeth. I got the cold cloth and tried to staunch the flow of blood while consoling him. I seemed to get that under control, only to realize that the top left front tooth did not appear to be where it used to be. Okay, I think, maybe it's just from swelling and it looks like it isn't right. Wishful thinking of course. I made a dentist appointment with my dentist for the next day, but about an hour or so later I noticed the gums were still bleeding and that the tooth next to the first odd-looking one was now appearing to be in the wrong spot.

I called the dentist back to see if they could get us in that day and once there I was told by me dentist that the teeth would have to come out. Not only that, she was indicating that they needed to come out either that day or the next day. Panic. Cold sweats. Nausea. I was then told that we would have to be referred to a paediatric dentist because they did not do extractions on small people. When they called to make an appointment for us, they were informed that we would be referred again to an oral surgeon or we would have the option of going to Children's Hospital to have it looked at. Rather than ping-ponging from dental office to dental office, I decided to confer with hubby and make the decision with him. We were beside ourselves. After all he has been through, we couldn't imagine him having have two missing front teeth for the next four eyars. I mean, just in his first year alone, almost every photograph of him shows casts on both his legs or an orthopaedic brace. Could we not give the kid a break and have some regular photos of him?

We voted on Children's because if there needed to be teeth pulled out, he was going to have to be sedated for it and he might as well be at the hospital. We took Kes over to daycare to avoid making her wait the inevitable three hours. I checked in at Emergency to see where we should go and was greeted by a snippy and seemingly irritated triage nurse who obviously did not understand what I was trying to ask her and she informed me we would not be seeing a dentist, but rather a doctor. Confused, we decided to wait and see what happened, but in the meantime I had not had lunch and was dying for a drink and something to eat, so crossed over to another building where the Starbucks was. I happened to notice that the dental clinic was in that building so I went back to tell hubby that I thought I should just go and inquire what we should do or at least what the procedure was.

hey were lovely to me in the clinic and the dentist there told me she was just finishing some paperwork and would come over to Emerg once she was finished and have a look at him. She did not have to do this as she was not even a resident, but when she checked him out she told us the teeth would not need to be extracted and that they would just go back to where they were if all was well. She wanted to take x-rays but the radiology was closed by then, so she referred us over to another paediatric dentist (the same one my dentist was going to send us to). So two days later I took him there and was again reassured that the teeth could stay in his head. I thought we'd be getting an x-ray but was told they don't do them on little kids because it is too hard. He explained that since the teeth were driven up into the bone and his bones are still soft, that it is the bone and not the teeth that takes the impact and distributes it. The teeth themselves take very little of the hit at all and therefore do not fracture. He said that if there has been damage done to the adult teeth, then it's done and there is nothing they can do about it until the permanent teeth come in, so they would not extract on that basis. He also confirmed that they will go back to where they were. It's still pretty much a wait and see situation. There is still the risk that they could abcess and have to come out, but that could happen a year from now or longer. As far as we are concerned, every day we can keep them the in his head is a good day!

Now, on to that rubber furniture plan......!


chasmyn said...

h my gosh, Heather! How harrowing! I'm so happy to hear that his teeth don't need to come out. Poor little guy.

Bongga Mom said...

What a scary experience! Hope everything works out allright with Hayden's teeth. Kids are so resilient so hopefully someday this will all be just another interesting childhood tale.

Jody said...

That sounds so familiar! All 4 of my kids have had early tooth trauma. The worst was Cory, who damaged his top front teeth when he was 3. They turned dark gray, and a dentist here told us we had to pull them, so I consulted another dentist who said, "no, wait. They are bruised (Blood filling the root) and that dark color will go away and hopefully we can keep his teeth" and that is exactly what happened.

So, don't panic if the turn dark gray. It does not mean they are dead.

One other thing. Corys baby teeth were jammed up into his gum and they apparently did damage the adult teeth underneath. When his permanent teeth came in, the front 2 had little round gray areas where the baby teeth roots had hit them. Again, no need to panic. As he grew the spots moved down the teeth, and now they are gone.

M&Co. said...

Oh that does sound stressful! I'm glad it worked out.

sister AE said...

It sounds like things will work out OK for the little guy.

My brother knocked out his two front teeth when he was just two years old (big paper shopping bag worn over entire two-year-old body - not a good idea). Although he did lose the teeth, he had a series of spacers that he wore until his permanent teeth came in.

He had to take out the spacer to eat and when he went swimming (it tended to fall out). Many guests to the vacation house were confused when they heard my mom tell a little boy to "put on your life vest and take out your teeth."

Eli's Mom said...

How scary!!!!