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Monday, July 30, 2007


*The month that the sanitation workers in your city decide to hold a strike, is the very month you decide to clean out the garage to make room for a future gym and therefore you have piles more garbage to dispose of. And recycling. Oh, and it has to be Pride Weekend when there are a GAZILLION more people in the city to add MORE garbage to the overflowing bins.

*The one week that you don't enrol your four year old into daycamp to "give her a break", is the very week your two year old will decide to finally cut those last two molars and become a psychotic shrieking mess with a perfect antagonist on standby to stir him up the moment he calms down. Also during that week will above strike disrupt ANYTHING in the form of entertainment for the children, ie. community centres, public pools and libraries because all of the city is striking in support.

*The day your teenager arrives home from being away for an entire month she will immediately make plans to NEVER be around the parental units and avoid them at ALL COST.

*When you cancel a couple of important appointments to make way for another "slightly more important one", it will get cancelled and you're no further ahead than you were the day before with anything.

Catch me at the end of this week...I might be on heavy meds, but at least I'll be happy and stress-free! tee hee!

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