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Monday, July 16, 2007


Wow - I started this a few days ago and all I got was the title! This'll indicate how grand things have been going lately!

Revelstoke was fun and we stayed at the Canyon Springs Resort where they have "hot springs". That is to say, they pipe the water into a pool from supposed hot springs and then have to reheat it because by the time it makes the journey, it is no longer all that hot. But no matter, the kids LOVED the water and we spent quite a bit of time in it. This required me to suck it up and wear a long t-shirt over my bathing suit to try and hide all of the flaws. I hate the summer.

We bailed a day early. By the fourth day we just decided we'd had enough of "roughing it". We were staying in a cabin that was basically bunks on either side of it with a sink that ran only cold water and a tiny closet that contained a toilet. It was cosy and when the kids went to bed, hubby and I were left outside to battle the mosquitoes. There weren't as many of them as I expected, and we had plenty of repellant but were still bitten nonetheless.

We left around dinner time the night before we were to check out and our son sang "ABCDABC" for about four straight hours until I was wishing I had either a stun gun or a dart gun to make him stop.

The week went by fairly quickly. Daughter One returned from Montreal on her 16th birthday (old enough to drive now, gulp!) and I am having heart palpitations of disbelief that she and I are that old. Thursday I went into my old office to help out as they are having somewhat of a staffing crisis right now. After two years of being away, I was surprised at how much I actually did remember, but other stuff came slowly. I'm not sure how much help I actually was. The ventilation system in the office immediately made me sick and here I am today, still trying to get over it. Bummer.

So there it stands. I'm sorry there is not more Hamster Boy news, but my poor brain is just trying to cope. That's it for now!

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