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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


On Monday morning, very early, my youngest brother and his wife lost their very first baby at 33 weeks gestation due to a placenta abruption. The baby, a boy, had to be delivered via c-section. Mama is being very stoic, but my brother is not doing very well.

They've been reassured that there was absolutely nothing they could have done to prevent it, nothing that they did or did not do caused it and that it will NOT happen again. I believe they will try again very soon and I hope they do. They won't replace their sweet little boy, but babies have a way of healing you in the best way.

The family has rallied around them and they are very loved and supported, but we will also respectfully let them grieve in their own way. There are no words to say, no gestures you can make to even remotely make this better.

All I am doing right now is sending thoughts of love and healing their way.


chasmyn said...

Oh, Heather, I am so very sorry for their loss. I know they are heartbroken - and that word is so inadequate. You're right, a baby does have a way of healing things. My thoughts are with them.

M&Co. said...

Oh I am sorry. That is hearbreaking.

Maddux & Eli's Mom said...

I am so prayers are with your family right now.