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Friday, December 14, 2007

The Old Boy

So, one thing I forgot to mention in the last post was that when I had Hayden at the doctor, I asked her about his skin. I've had this ongoing battle with it, pretty much since he was born. I thought to begin with that the skin on his legs was bothered because he'd been in casts for so long, but it would appear this is not the only area of his body that bothers him. I've tried every cream in the book, changed to Seventh Generation baby detergent and use only half a sheet of fabric softener, or one that's already been through the dryer once. Believe me, I've been trying my darnedest to deal with this issue because he literally scratches himself to the point of bleeding. He constantly looks like he ran through a bramble bush! I had him checked previously for eczema and the doctor told me it was only contact dermatitis, but this time she agreed that it is indeed a kind of eczema and gave me a prescription for a lotion with cortisone in it. This will be about the nine millionth time he's had to have cortisone on his skin, so I'm thrilled.

Here's the deal. The first time I began applying the lotion I started coughing from the fumes and the smell of it. It smelled like something an old man or woman would wear. Sure enough, there's camphor in it. Ewwwwww! He actually kind of smells like my mother-in-law - I think she has a real fondness for camphor. So my son smells like an old guy now. Delightful! I can only hope it clears up quickly!

P.S. Sensitive skin kind of runs in our family - I tend towards dry skin and hubby sometimes wakes me up scratching. Not a pleasant sound!


Procrastamom said...

Curel works really well on the excema on my arms, but I'm sure if you've tried everything already that passed your radar long ago. I guess you're stuck with the old man in diapers...which isn't much different from REAL old men come to think of it.

chasmyn said...

Lots of times excema can be a wheat and dairy allergy, too. I've found that that's what it was with Kiernen. We also don't bathe him very often, as the water can dry his skin and cause flare-ups. And chlorine is totally out.

Laura said...

Poor guy. But as for hubby's scratching WAKING YOU UP?

Shudder. Ew.