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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Gearing Up for Spring

The days the drift by in a haze of allergy medicine and itching/sneezing fits, but in between the nose blowing and eye-rubbing, good things happen, too.

My five year old daughter requests that dad buy mom purple tulips (my favourite colour), a sweet gesture.

My son may actually toilet train himself. I am stoked. It's about time one of these kids made things easy for me. This is the same child who weaned himself, mind you - so it should not come as a surprise. My mother has already been off to the store to buy him "big boy underpants". I am going to look for Spiderman ones, too.

And I have been busy! Finally, after four years I feel that my baby blanket business is getting off the ground! I have been cutting and sewing for a couple of weeks, filling orders and producing actual stock. This was my problem in the past. I really could only make them on demand. I had no sewing room and little time to get organized. Now I have the room and more time and I am actually getting things done! In the absence of a website (I'm going to wait a bit until things really start to move, if ever), I have set up an Etsy shop. They can be purchased through the website, or if you are interested and contact me, other arrangements can be made. I definitely take special orders, they just may take a little longer.

Also, to see others I have made either as orders or as gifts, you may view my flickr site. The same ones are there as in the Etsy shop, but others too. Excuse my photography. I find that a lot of the fabric I use reflects light (therefore I cannot use the flash) and am trying to get the perfect spot in my house for taking pictures of them. So far, that is the stairs! I may have to enlist Laura's help!

Just to reiterate, here is what the Hamster Boy's blanket looks like. Hubby thinks that I am not charging enough for them, but unless celebrities start buying them, I'm leaving them as is.

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