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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sweatin' the Oldies

Hubby and I got a BowFlex recently and I have to say...WE LOVE IT! It's gotta be the coolest thing around to build muscle and endurance. When we first started out, hubby insisted that we work out together so we could sort of be accountability partners. I didn't want to, because I can be very self-conscious about that sort of thing, but I have to say it's been really great spending some quality time together and actually getting some exercise.

Usually hubby goes on the elliptical machine first and then I come out, do some stretching and then we do our little circuit we have worked out. I'm trying to work myself up to the cardio part of the routine because I find it so hard. People just don't understand how I can get so pooped so fast. Literally three minutes on that thing has me gasping for breath...on the lowest speed. Here's a suggestion to see what it is like to be asthmatic and have reduced lung function - breathe through a straw for, like, an hour and see how you feel. Go on! It's FUN! I've had so many people make helpful suggestions on what to do about that, but it is just going to take time for me to slowly build up my cardio function. It could possibly take years.

Anyway, I'm gonna do my best because I like what I've been feeling already in the "things aren't quite so saggy and jiggly" department. Like when I go to hold my abdominal muscles in, they pull in much easier and faster now. I like!

In other news, we finally got the built in vacuum system and I LOVE IT! Vacuuming is so fun now!

Well, that was boring but things have been really busy here. Not so much with the blog fodder, but REAL busy! Next month will be much the same!

Enjoy the sun while it's here!

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