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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Scala Bio-Fir Anti-Cellulite Shaper Wear

Okay Ladies, pull up a chair, grab a drink and listen closely. I am going to tell you about a product that I discovered recently and it's A-MAZING.

First off, I have no affiliation with this product or the company who sells it - I am merely a believer (can I get an AMEN?) This product is Scala Bio-Fir Slimming/Shaper Wear and it reduces cellulite. Did you hear that? REDUCES CELLULITE. Not only does it make you look terrific while you are wearing it, but it does a job for you at the same time!

I had passed by this little gem of a store in my neighbourhood many times and had noticed the sandwich board outside advertising this great product. I have purchased over the years a number of slimming garments only to be disappointed by them. They're too tight in the leg, or they roll funny or they are too hot. Everything Scala is not.

Here's how it works. Hot off the knitting machines in Brazil, the fabric these garments are made with contains tiny crystals (called Active Bio Crystals or Far Infrared Rays) that continuously massages your skin. The massaging action causes friction, stimulating blood flow at the skin level. The increased blood flow stimulates the body's lymphatic system which then melts away the subcutaneous fat layer and the toxins responsible for cellulite and the liquified fat is then disposed of by either the kidneys or liver. I am sure drinking extra water during this time would only help to flush away the waste faster.

Sandra Kesselman, who owns Noir Fashions - the sole distributor for Scala in Canada - waited for three months to get a Medical Device Establishment License from Health Canada to sell the shaper wear. To me, their approval was an indicator that it worked, but I had to try it for myself.

Approximately 6 weeks ago I purchased both the High Waisted Knee Length Slimming Panty (above) and the Slimming Legging. I began wearing the knee length one daily. Scala promises results in 30 days but I am here to tell you that I saw changes in the cellulite on my thighs in about two weeks! After one month of wear there is a definite difference. The dimpling and lumpiness is much reduced, in fact almost completely gone! In addition to that, the garment is extremely comfortable, breathable and there is no tightness or rolling in the leg. All versions have the rubberized waist band to prevent slippage and rolling.

I had given myself the goal of one year to exercise and get toned again and the plan was to get liposuction for the cellulite if my efforts hadn't helped in that regard. Scala has saved me the trouble and expense.

Considering what these garments do, you would expect to pay a premium for them but they cost about the same as regular girdles and shaper wear at department stores, with the prices running between $50-65 depending on the garment. To care for these garments, machine wash them but hang them to dry to preserve the lycra content. The crystals are unaffected by regular washing.

Currently at Noir Fashions, Sandra is carrying 6 products in this line, one of them for men.

I had to opportunity to ask Sandra a couple of questions about her involvement with Scala.

How did you come to learn of the Scala Bio Promise Line?

I’ve being representing SCALA in Canada for almost 5 years now. I import and distribute the brand collection all over the country. We started with the outerwear and the traditional shapewear lines. In February 2009, they launched this new amazing line. It took us about 3 months to get the Medical Device Establishment License from Health Canada to distribute the product in the country.

What benefits have you noticed from using these garments?

I'm wearing mainly the black legging as my uniform since I delivered my baby girl 4 month ago, and I can really testify that the product is amazing on improving circulation. I’ve got bad varicose veins from the pregnancy and they were very painful, after using the product for 2/3 weeks, I got much better, no pain and the appearance of the veins are much lighter. My legs were also very swollen from the pregnancy, I retained lots of liquid, I took my measurements and I lost one inch on my calf muscle area and 2 inches on my thighs after a month of wearing the product.

What future products can we expect in this line?

I’m about to receive the posture bra and some pantyhose made with the same material.

Right now there is limited information on the internet about these awesome cellulite-busting undergarments and I just had to share my success and happiness with what they have done for me!

These fine products, along with many more fashionable Scala items can be purchased at:

Noir Fashion
3950 Main Street
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-628-9561
Fax: 778-737-1591

To contact Sandra either call her at the above number or email her at She is very friendly and willing to answer any and all of your questions!



Anonymous said...

~ Lauren

Anonymous said... also has these amazing pants!

Healthier One said...

They've just become available in Australia (Dec '09) it would have been SO good to have got to the problem areas 5 years sooner!! (however better later than never) Do they have to be a really snug/tight fit or just 'moderately' tight?

Heather said...

They're quite snug without being too tight in the leg, which has been a consistent problem for me with other shaper wear. The recommendation to me was not to buy them too small, but rather in the correct size (normal pant size). I hope you try them!

mizzura said...

hi...recently i noticed about this product. Looking for any positive testimonial before purchase the thing. Thanks for the info.

MrsMorford said...

I am so thinking about buying them, just seen the add while I was browsing through my inbox and it cought my attention since I too have celullite, and no matter how much I work out (since I am in the military), it is always there... ughhhh... I really hope it works, thank you so much for this information.

Anonymous said...


I have 2 pairs of the tights (size Small), bought from a retail shop and they fit perfectly.
A couple of months later I ordered by phone 2 more pairs of what was marketed as the same tights in the exact same size.

When they arrived I compared them to my old ones and noticed that they are very different. I tried the new ones on, they look, feel and fit completely differently.

They are a different product.

They are not firm at all around the ankle.
When measured, they are 2cm larger than the old tights. Anyone who wears tights knows that a 2cm difference in tights is quite significant, especially for a product that calls itself 'shape wear'.

Customer service is appalling.

I had to call the company 6 times. They replaced the 'split' pair of tights with the inferior 'non-shape wear' oversized tights.

The company policy is 'no refunds', even thought the 'shape wear' product does nothing for shape.

I’m now stuck with 2 pairs (size small) of oversized tights that bunch around the ankles.

To anyone contemplating buying tights from Brazcom.....DON'T.

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