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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Worst New Year's Ever

Worst New Year's ever.

We got to Courtenay and checked into the hotel. Went for lunch and then decided to go over to Tracy and Anthea's house to say hi since I would not be attending the party. I had some mild concern over their dog because certain dogs do affect my allergies and although I have not reacted to Sashia before, I seem to be hyper-sensitive in this pregnancy. That was the least of my concerns as it turns out because they now own two cats. Within minutes of being there and not touching a single thing, not even sitting down - my throat started itching, my eyes itching, I started sneezing and my asthma kicked in. We had to leave.

Back at the hotel the girls went for a swim and then they all got ready to go to the party. I had picked up some treats at the Safeway across the street but was going to just order room service for dinner. Yeah. Right. Except there WAS no room service. So I had to pack up Kes and take her to the nearest restaurant which happened to be Pizza Hut. Not my first choice by any means, but I couldn't carry her any farther. I had contemplated eating at the restaurant, but decided I just wanted to hunker down in the hotel room and so ordered take-out. It was supposed to take fifteen minutes which turned into twenty-five and Kes proceeded to be a complete shithead for the time we were there. She was hungry and tired and wanted a gumball from the machine. I kept telling her that I had no coins for it and she proceeded to try and bum some off the delivery guy who was waiting to take his next order out! Embarrassing!

Got back to the hotel and the line-ups had started for the four different "shows" that were going on there. Once in the room, Kes settled down - she scarfed down a whole ton of caesar salad and some pizza and breadsticks. I watched Castaway - all three hours of it and let me tell you, it was just as boring the second time around. In the meantime, I discovered that we had been promised a "quiet" room and they had put a roomful of teenagers next to us. Now, I am not totally anal - laughing and talking is perfectly fine by me, especially since it was New Year's, but there was constant door knocking and door banging as they went in and out of the room and back and forth onto the balcony. Kes did not fall asleep until after ten o'clock which is just wrong.

I couldn't sleep at all, so I drank my one lonely Guinness that I had, watched the end of The Wizard of Oz, watched "The Burning Log" for awhile and then switched to the New VI for their countdown. They happened to be having a free concert in Nanaimo which consisted of a bunch of performers including Loverboy, who are now very fat, very wrinkly, very balding and generally disgusting to look at! The singing is still okay, but Mike What's-His-Face (Reno?) had squeezed himself into some red leather pants, which he then had covered with a voluminous black button down shirt (to cover how bad it looked I guess). He still had his trademark bandana on. They sang Turn me Loose, which was a memory maker, and then the countdown occurred and I tried to go to sleep.

The others arrive back around twelve thirty and I was still awake. The neighbors partied until sometime around four am. By six I was wide awake, basically after no sleep. I laid there for awhile and then decided to see if Starbuck's was open. I got dressed in the bathroom and snuck out with the room key, the car key and my book. Starbuck's was just across the street, so I went over there. It was still dark and freezing cold. The sign said they didn't open until nine and it was barely seven. I decided that Tim Horton's was most probably open and drove down the street there. Yep - sure enough. Open. Ordered an English Toffee coffee and a Walnut Crunch doughnut and sat there for an hour and read my book. At eight, I decided to go see if anyone was awake and they weren't, so I sat down by the gas fireplace and read some more. That was actually a treat and the only good moment I had there!

After we got up, got organized, packed up, we went and had some breakfast at White Spot, which was good even though we waited forever! Incidentally, Kes was being a total brat and I just let her scream as loud as she wanted in thanks to the neighbor idiots!

We dropped by the house again to say goodbye and stayed for about an hour, during which time I started wheezing heavily. We left and drove back to Nanaimo to go to the ferry. I was wheezing pretty hard and taking my Ventolin a lot, all the while try not to freak out that it might be affecting the baby. I know it was having little to no effect on me, because I was still wheezing and now totally shaking from taking so much of it. I started having a pretty major anxiety attack in the car waiting for the ferry, but it subsided when we got on the boat.

It was good to get home and settle in. I indicated to Doug that I was not feeling so hot and he asked if I was woozy. I told him "wheezy", not "woozy" (which I have yet to determine what he means when he says that word?!) and that I felt I may need treatment, meaning hospital. I had some tea and dinner and then went to bed with Kes. By midnight I seemed to get a handle on the asthma. Was still awake by seven.

Felt better this morning in terms of asthma, but have been very plugged up and sneezy! I suppose I could have taken an antihistamine, but in my mind, those people are not worth me putting my fetus at risk. There are friends who I will do it for - not them. And I am berating myself for knowingly putting myself in that situation. The first time I didn't know, the second time I did. And knowing that cats are my absolute worst allergy, I cannot in any conscience put myself in situations where I know there are cats unless I take necessary precautions ahead of time. So I am kind of beating myself up today.

On the actual pregnancy front, the baby is becoming quite active and I delight in every little nudge, kick and roll! It seems to be all over the place at once and I love it early in the morning when I put my hand on my belly and feel little pokes! It is the one part of pregnancy that will never grow old for me!

This month will be busy for me, so I am anxious to get it over with! I have to go to about five apointments! Will handle it the best I can in terms of work. Now that there will be four of us, it should be okay!

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