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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Baby Who Sleeps

Last night was not too bad in terms of sleep. Kes has been coughing and we had the humidifier on which seemed to aggravate it. As soon as Doug turned it off, she stopped coughing. We are hopeful that this will not develop the way our coughs have.

Hayden is really a good boy over all. Considering how much crap he has to deal with on any given day, I am pretty impressed when he will just drift off to sleep. For example, last night at dinner time I put him in his little bed and gave him the new larger soother, hoping to be able to eat my meal with two hands. A few minutes later I noticed he was quiet and when I peeked, he was asleep! I love it when he does that! My girls never and I mean NEVER did that. I always had to work really hard just get them to sleep for even a few minutes. As I type this, Hayden has gone to sleep in his little swing.

I have no real plans today, but may see Laura. The weather has cooled, thank goodness and I am feeling a wee bit better.

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