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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cabin Fever Versus Getting Things Done

I have been on my GAME this week! I have successfully pulled off three dinners, one for the purpose of entertaining complete with candles and a set table! I have managed to do laundry, sewing and house-cleaning, where I am actually HAPPY with the results. Of course, this entails NEVER LEAVING THE HOUSE, so I am not sure I can keep it up. Also, we had a break from Children's this week, which totally helped. I might add, that Hayden has been somewhat needy this week and has not made it easy, but he has had to "deal" on more than one occasion. I simply CANNOT hold him all day, as much as I'd like to. First of all, my back can't take it and second there only so many things you can do one-handed. Did I mention that Hannah was away for two nights, so I didn't even have her around to help. I am currently aiming for dinner number four and will see how it goes today.

I was supposed to get together with a friend today, but due to the disgusting bucketing rain, decided to forego. I am so beyond traipsing through the rain to transit, or worse walking with a baby. As it is, I will have to pick up Kestrel in the rain - what else is new?

I am also going through my French book and am surprised at how much I can remember - it is really exciting and I will work toward going to the drop-in group on Thursday nights to practice.

Hayden has been grabbing at more stuff and seems to have bypassed the whole "spastic arm" thing. I hold a toy in front of him and his eyes get very determined and both his arms come up at the item and very slowly he opens his hand or hands for it. I love watching him because he is now in the realm of "learning every day". It is most exciting for me because this will mark the beginning of his independence from me. He did not have the best night last night, but has been very sleepy today. And although he prefers to sleep on me, I have successfully put him down several times today. Now all I do is the "panic clean/cook/sew" when he is down. It is amazing how much you can do in a short period of time!

When we had our real estate agent over last night for dinner, Kestrel was very excited and turned into a total whirling dervish trying to impress Jake. It was so cute when he asked her name and she very clearly responded "I'm Kestrel"! I was happy that she used her full name.

In a semi-dreamstate last night I got a great idea for a children's book. It will incorporate some really interesting names that my niece Willow has made up for family members. I can't wait to start writing it!

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