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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Easier Times

So the one thing that I forgot to mention is that Doug finally caved and got an exterminator into the house to deal with the mouse problem. The guy laid out about 20 "death traps" (as I call them). He said he used a kg of poison in them. They are little black oval boxes that are designed so that kids and other animals can't get into them. And I must say, there has been a major reduction of mouse activity - so hopefully all of them are DYING. The poison is quite cruel; it dehydrates them so that they are forced to seek out water. Usually they will go outside, but if they happen to die in the walls or floorboards, there will be no smell - just a mouse husk. As you can tell, I am REAL cut up about it.

So I have been enjoying my "unfettered" son! He kicks his feet like crazy and lets me touch him often. The left foot has already started turning back in considerably, but I don't care. It's so nice to pick him up and cuddle him with legs that bend. He has been much happier, too. He has been smiling and talking a lot. He had a long midday nap yesterday and slept for a six hour stretch last night. It's been so nice! I will have to prepare myself for the return of the casts, but I am so grateful to have had this break. I really only had about a day with him without casts on when he was born, because he had them applied on the morning of day two. It makes me so happy when I get big smiles first thing in the morning!

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