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Friday, September 02, 2005

Splish Splash!

Yesterday after we picked up Kes, we went downtown and Doug got me a new mobile phone. It's a cute little flip phone that has all the bells and whistles, which I will rarely use! I never used to like flip phones because they seemed flimsy to me, but this feels good in my hand and at least the buttons work on this one!

We went and picked up Roosters chicken for dinner (yum!) and while waiting, Hannah gave a Hayden a bottle of formula I had put together in case it wasn't convenient to nurse him. He guzzled the whole four ounces! Sweet!

When we got home, Hayden and I had our first bath together and it was really nice. In fact, when we first got in and I cradled him in my arms, he laughed at me! He kicked his feet and splashed while I washed him down. Then he nursed for a bit which was great with the skin on skin contact. And then he barfed and peed on me! All in all, a good experience. I used one of those Huggies washcloths that has the soap in it already. I got a sample in the mail and thought what the heck? Well, aside from being yet another problem for landfill, I didn't think it was all that great and the scent could have been better. It was supposed to be lavender and chamomile, but you could have fooled me.

I am going for therapy today - MUCH NEEDED. I have been really on the edge and need to unload.

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