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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Poor Baby

Yesterday I took Hayden for his first immunizations and to get the referral to the other Orthopedic Surgeon. He had not had any of his shots yet because he had casts on for so long and I figured that even if they could do the shots around them, that I just couldn't put him through that. They are now up to four shots with a total of 7 serums for the first round. The first is the "penta", which contains diptheria, pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus, polio and influenzae type B, the second is the pneumococcal conjugate, the third is the meningitis C conjugate, the fourth is the Hepatitis B. I declined the Hepatitis shot, mainly because Hep B is transmitted through bodily fluids and even though the reason they encourage it here is because we are in a port city, I don't figure Hayden will be down at the docks picking up any sailors soon. Also, the whole "what if he gets bitten on the playground" theory doesn't fly with me. But I was shocked as all get out when the doctor told me the other reason they encourage it is because of incest. I didn't even know what to say to that it was so appalling to even think of. At least the doctor is understanding when you say no to something. The nurse Nazis at the local community health centre almost tackled me when I declined it for Kestrel. So I stopped taking her there.

Oh, and the doc had no problem whatsoever giving me the referral to see the other doctor and in fact thought it was a good idea. I was most pleased about that!

Hayden was a little cranky today and the injection sites were red and a little inflamed, but overall, he was a trooper about the whole thing.

I had a nice day today out with a friend. Her little guy is just 11 weeks old and is as cute as a button. We did a rigorous seawall walk, had lunch and then she introduced me to this little thing called The Gourmet Warehouse. I am in biiiiig trouble. Not only is it just blocks away from my house, it is chock full of every cool gourmet type thing, whether it be actual food or any sort of utensil or cooking pot you might need. My friend pointed out these lovely glass carafes that are for beside your bed - the lid is also the glass. I stared longingly at them knowing that they would not last a nanosecond in my house with a three year old who gets into everything dwelling here. But they are filed away in my head for another time. When I grow, up I'm gonna get me some!

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