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Monday, October 24, 2005

Potty Training 101 or 2

So decided to bite the bullet and just get going on the potty training. It actually didn't go too badly, so I am hopeful that it will work out quickly. Enough said on that topic.

I was not about to spend another day stuck inside the house while hubby holed up in his attic, so I took Kestrel and Hayden to a friend's house who has kids roughly the same age. The girls played well enough together and the babies were happy. It was nice to visit with another mom on the same page of life and in the same zone of discipline. Naturally Kes was too excited to eat while we were there and when we got back home, she was an absolute terror. I must have given her a BILLION time outs, including one in her room. By the time I had dinner fixed (a rare night indeed when I actually COOK), I was about ready to crawl into a hole somewhere and suck my thumb.

I'm off to see my mom today which is always nice. I guess you could call me the "granny" of her children as I am the one who knits and sews (well, okay I just took up sewing again after a loooong hiatus), and my mom and I have that in common. And actually my sister sews, too. But I digress. It's nice to just be seeing my mommy and I'm glad that she is usually available.

The last couple of days have been okay, mood-wise. Probably I have been too distracted to even think about anything. I never in my life thought it would be this difficult to have two small children. When I had Kes I was all "this is a piece of cake" - yeah because Hannah was already ELEVEN! With each passing day I wonder how my mom survived three boys under the age of three and a half? Was she a closet alcoholic and we just didn't know it? (Kidding - my mom is the cheapest drunk in the world - one glass of wine and she's giggly!) Was she taking some sort of mommy medication? If she was, I want me some of that!

Hayden is my little lovebug and I am enjoying him during our alone times. He's very smiley and very hands on. He loves to touch me while he is nursing and I love that.

Gotta hang on to that feeling I think.

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Deb said...

As I said before you're a fantastic mom and you just need to hang in there. Us moms all need to support each other. Also, once Kes is potty trained, it will probably get alot easier as you don't feel like you're just a diaper changer. I don't mind changing a baby's poo poo but there's something wrong when the person you're changing can chat on the change table! HaHa