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Friday, December 23, 2005

And Then They Turn Three

Yesterday I kept Kestrel home from daycare for a change and it went reasonably well. Aside from the usual tormenting of her brother, she was pretty well behaved. We had a mini playdate with friends Alyssa and Matthew and it went nicely. She wound up in our room watching videos for awhile and I got on the phone with my sister, which usually can run up to an hour at least. I end up multi-tasking while we are talking. The thing is, we can talk several times a day and never run out of things to talk about. Plus, she lives in the Kootenays and was heading off for the long weekend, so we had to get in extra talk time because we won't be communicating for a few days (oh no!) Presently I realized that I had not checked on Kestrel and she was awfully quiet.

I came up to the room and she was sitting with her back to me, but I noticed something Very Important of mine sitting next to her. I said "Whatcha doing?" She turned and grinned at me with cream all over her face. My expensive L'Occitane body cream that I bought in PARIS (YES!! FRANCE!!) was all over her. She had coated her feet, legs, jeans, hands, shirt, face and our quilt in it and had emptied what was left of the tub. Now there was probably less than a quarter of the tub left, but I was devastated. I had nursed this tub of cream for over two years and it was my "Super Ultra Only On Certain Times Extra Extra Extra Special Cream" that I used sparingly. It was one of those decadent things that I used when all the planets aligned correctly. You get the idea. Plus it cost me 25 Euros and at the time, that was about $65 CDN. Why couldn't she have used the cheap Avon stuff that was right next to it in the drawer?

Sure there are several L'Occitane stores here in Vancouver and I could easily replace it. (I've bought some for my sister and she has the same policy about hers, too) But this was the one from France and there are memories attached to it. I guess I can hang on to the tub and use it for something else, but it just won't be the same.

Who had all these damn kids?! Ahhhh.....gotta love it.

P.S. What I forgot to mention was that she got it out of my bedside table that I recently set up a locking system on. Often if I leave it unlocked, she locks it for me. Guess it was too tempting this time. serves me right for not locking it I suppose.


M&Co. said...

Oh the quiet. It is a dangerous think with mini-people!

Debbie said...

Ouch! Yes, when there is an unusually large time of quietness, it draws suspicion, doesn't it? Dave caught Alyssa one time with most of my jewellery on at the same time! Then, they tried (note the word "tried") to put it all back so I wouldn't notice.