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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Today I was going to blog about how insufferably tired I am, the nasty coldsore on my mouth and generally how disgruntled I am with life. But I can't. Because it all got erased in one little magic moment.

A few days ago I brought the exersaucer up from the basement for Hayden. I cleaned it all up and put a blanket in the bottom of it to cushion his casts. He was getting tired of the swing and I felt a change was in order. I wasn't sure how much pressure he should have on his casts, so we elevated it to it's highest height. We placed him in and he was interested in being upright. But about five minutes later, he lost patience because given the shape of his legs in the casts (knees flexed and feet straight out on either side in a ballet position), he was just dangling there. It looked quite pathetic.

This morning I came downstairs and decided to try him in again. I was sitting at the computer and out of the corner of my eye - I thought I saw him bounce ever so slightly in it. I turned to look at him and sure enough he bounced it up and down again, with rather a smug look on his face!

Tears came to my eyes because I realized that the only people who put limitations on children are adults. And babies are just so adaptable that they don't even realize that they "shouldn't" or "couldn't". My guy is a bright, shining little star and I am so proud of him.


chasmyn said...

Hey, I just found this blog today...I didn't know you moved!

What a little sweetie. Funnily enough, we're getting our exersaucer out of the garage this weekend and cleanibg it up for Kier.

Synchronocity! I cannot wait until we get to meet...

Laura said...

Go Hayden! And yay for some extra unattached time for Mama!