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Sunday, December 04, 2005

At Last!

At last! At last! At Long Last! Hayden the Hamster Boy has sprouted his first tooth! And number two is coming quickly on it's tail. Spotted it today and did the very specific and scientific method of confirming called "The Spoon Test", whereby you take the handle of a spoon (preferably a teaspoon) and you tap it gently on the gums. If you get a clicking sound, there's a tooth and by gum (no pun intended) we got the "click click click" and there never was a sweeter sound!

Let this day now go down in the Annals of Hayden as Tooth #1. That's "annals", folks, not the other word you were thinking. Sheesh, get a dictionary!

P.S. Once the little pearly white becomes visible to the naked eye, I will provide pictoral proof.

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