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Thursday, December 29, 2005


Due to a severe lack of sleep over the last two nights, for reasons yet undetectable (yep, here she goes AGAIN!), I am just going to tell you what movies I have watched lately and what I thought of them. Unless I develop narcolepsy and fall asleep at the keybbohrlaflahjsh.................

Fantastic Four - not bad - I always enjoy special effects, especially ones that appear to be powers that I wish really existed. And I love Jessica Alba. I've had a love affair going with her since Dark Angel (all of my favorite shows end up being cancelled, or ending).

A Mighty Wind - love it! - not a new one, but recently had the DVD given to me and I can't stop laughing over the songs! That is one funny group of people, I tell you!

Mystery Men - love it! - again, not new, but hubby just got me the DVD version and it is just kind of slapstick and non-sensical, which is my kind of humour!

The Skeleton Key - dumb - had me guessing but I was kind of choked at the end. And who knew there was a difference between hoodoo and voodoo? Not me.

Serenity - LOVED IT! - and was very sad that it had to end, along with it's originating series, Firefly. I just HEART Joss Whedon! After all, he is the creator of Buffy and Angel. I hope he had many more cool programs planned!

Also, I just discovered that there has been a DVD collection of the Six Million Dollar Man released in the UK somewhere. Talk about excited! I can still hear the nanananananana sound of him jumping and also that cool radar sound of his eye. Plus there was The Bionic Woman, and who didn't love her as a little girl? I mean, c'MON, she had bionic FINGERNAILS! And we can't forget the bionic dog, chimpanzee and Sasquatch (who I always felt sorry for). I'm going to have to investigate gettin' me a copy of that!

So there are my movie reviews for the day. We will return to our regularly scheduled program one day when I get some rest. That is all.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

Joss Rocks. Buffy Rocks. Angel Rocks. Serenity Rocks. Firefly Rocks. I cried when they all ended.

That is all.

(p.s. Very much enjoying your blog, by the way. I'm a longish time reader, first time poster.)