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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Somebody Save Me!

What does it mean when you wish you could buy caffeine in a liquid form and inject it? When your body craves sugar so bad because you just want a little burst of energy, no matter how fleeting? When you want to go and buy a coffin and sleep in it just to see if actual death would be a good alternative to being the walking dead? How do vampires do it?

Well in case you haven't figured it out, I am TEE EYE ARE EE DEE - TIRED. Proof: I went to IKEA on Monday to pick up some much needed things to organize my little corner of the house - some shelves and a corner workstation. Got some help from the lovely IKEA folks to get it into the van, went on my merry way - tra-la-la. Went to Superstore to buy groceries and stuff, got home later and when hubby was helping me unload, he asked what I had bought. I said oh some shelves - CRAP! I forgot the most important part! The workstation! No wonder it was so cheap! Then the next day, went and opened the giant box of diapers for my son (that I had purchased at Superstore the day before), ripped open the package, pulled one out and thought 'gee these look big'. YEAH because I got him a SIZE FIVE, not SIZE THREE like he wears! D'OH! I'm losin' my mind people!

Tuesday was cast day for Hayden and it went quite well. He would have gotten the tenotomy that day (just in the left - yay!) but his little toenail issue hadn't quite healed and the doctor wanted it to heal first - so it looks like next week is the week. I am now a nervous wreck about it because it would have been better if it had been a surprise. But I'll get through it like any of the other procedures, I suppose. I just hope he doesn't end up in a lot of pain. I ended up being able to go back to IKEA to get the missing component of my little corner.

My father-in-law arrived late Tuesday night and Kes is back sleeping in our room, which totally bites because I haven't recovered yet from when my mother-in-law was here. Sigh. Will I ever sleep again? Me thinks not.

Hayden was quite agitated Tuesday night and most of yesterday - probably because his feet were a little sore. Of course because I wanted to set up all of my new stuff, he was completely needy, but I managed to juggle it all. Thankfully Cathy came and helped me and the corner now looks fantastic! I heart my sister! I managed to get the corner workstation put together completely on my own (ahem) and Cath helped with the shelves. Only made a couple of boo-boos, too.

Having my father-in-law around is kind of like having another child around. He came down yesterday morning and wanted to make himself some breakfast. Some oats to be exact. He proceeded to pour about a cup and a half of oats into a bowl and then shuffled around in the kitchen for awhile until I went to see what he needed (just ASK for Zippity's sake!) He was looking for a pot and I got him one and then he mumbled something about not knowing how to work the stove. I show him which dial he needs and he says "ah I see - you just set it to the number of minutes you need", I was like "nooo...these numbers on the dial are the high to low settings". Wouldn't it be great if everything cooked on the stovetop in nine minutes or less? I looked at the bag of oats and realized we could microwave them, so we did that and he only needed one third of a cup of oats, not a gigantic bowlful. He then spent the rest of the day wandering up and down stairs from his room to the living room. He talked to Hayden a bit, but I find it odd that neither of Doug's parents have any real interest in holding their grandkids. I pretty much had to thrust Hayden into Olive's arms just to get a picture. I mean, they're old, but not ancient.

Then last night I had to try and figure out what to cook for Phil because of his "specialized diet", AKA no meat, dairy, etc. I was mad at Doug that I end up babysitting his parents when they are here. He toodles off to work and I get stuck with them and then we can't even trust them to be alone in the house because both of them on separate occasions have left the house without locking it.

So today I feel like a truck ran over me from all the work I did and I feel the need to get out of the house. Hayden, too. I'm gonna work on that.

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