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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Today's the Day!

So today is Hayden's tenotomy and I couldn't be more of a bundle of nerves! I am trying not to think about it until we get there and it is a reality, just in case something has changed and Dr. Pirani decides to delay it. I will try and post after I get home to let you all know how it went. As hard as this is, I just have to keep telling myself that I will be rewarded when I see Hayden walk for the first time. And run.

Yesterday I went out and met my sister at Costco and then went back to my mom's to visit with her a bit. Before I went to mom's, I made a quick stop to get a little something for my middle niece who is having her laser surgery today. Has anyone heard of Snubbies? Well, they are little miniature animal figurines and now they have BABIES, which are the size of your pinky nail! I got the Normands (a Daschund style dog) for my niece and for Kes I got the Rottweilers because the mommy dog's name is Macy and that is our neighbours' dog's name! But you know I really got it for me!

Anyway, the middle of my three brothers needed to go grocery shopping and he was going to borrow my mom's car, but I also needed to grocery shop and said I could take him. It was really nice for us to spend a little one-on-one together as I never get to. And for the first time I realized he is finally becoming a man. Not just in stature (He towers over me and I'm 5'10"), but in his attitude. We had an enjoyable time and then I ventured off to pick up my husband and his father from the office. Once there, my husband informed me that he was sick - AGAIN. So I drove home and strained to hear his father speak (he was right beside me) as he prattled on about nothing. I tried really hard not to be rude. And I forgot to mention that he keeps trying to help me out of the car. Not that I am a feminist at all, but he grabs my upper arm and almost pulls me out of the vehicle! I keep reassuring him that I am perfectly capable, but I guess chivalry is not dead after all.

When we arrived home, my husband went upstairs and spoke to RALPH on the big white phone for a spell. It was delightful to listen to, let me tell you, as my husband never even attempts to disguise what he is doing. Flashback: our first date. We eat at a fairly fancy restaurant and combine that with a lot of alcohol. When we arrive back at his apartment, I excuse myself to the bathroom and silently barf. He never even knew until weeks later when I told him. Thus I have mastered the art of QUIET vomiting and I have never even been bulimic. An art he has yet to learn, I suppose. FIL had gone out to see hubby's (crazy) sister and he laid down while Hannah met with her math tutor, which then proceeded to be the most torturous hour and twenty-five minutes of my life. Kes was starving and Hayden decided to teethe some more and they were both HORRIBLE.

Doug decided to sleep downstairs in case he had stomach flu, and I was happy because there would be more space in the bed. Hayden slept like an angel for the first part of the night and as I was blissfully drifting off to la-la-land, BANG! A noise outside. Some drunken A-hole had been stopped by the police and in his anger had kicked over one of the mailboxes that they keep the bag of mail in. I looked out and saw the officer making him pick it back up and he took a swing at the policeman - dork! Another cruiser pulled up and I went back to bed, but now was sufficiently awake to have my brain kick into high gear and really didn't sleep all that well. Of course. But as long as the baby slept and didn't bug me, it was all good.

Anyway, on to the day. I have a TON of laundry to get started. Sigh. Back to you later (hopefully).

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