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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hayden's Tenotomy

Hello there - well, it's done! And it ended up being both feet, which was not what I had hoped for, but better to be cautious and Dr. Pirani felt that the right tendon was still too tight. I have to say this - it was awful to go through, worse for Hayden I am sure, but it was FAST! Even faster than the Botox injections he had, which is incredible. Most of Hayden's issue was about being held perfectly still - he about cried himself silly over it and was hysterical by the time it was all said and done. Once it was over, he nursed and fell asleep - but awoke shortly after and cried some more. Before I left the hospital, I gave him some Tylenol and he slept the whole way home (yep - had to schlep on transit and foot - I need a car). His mood improved considerably once we were home and his big sister sang him The Crocodile Song. He ate a big bowl of food along with some fruit and I just gave him more Tylenol and some Advil as well to combat any discomfort he may experience. Unfortunately the poor guy has been having a lot of troubles with gas and we have had many rough nights lately. So we'll see how it goes. I DID buy him some new medicine for that because Ovol doesn't do jack crap for him and when I try to give him Gripe Water, he acts like I am poisoning him - Kes used to practically drink it from the bottle, go figure.

When the left cast was removed today, I was very happy to see his left foot move easily over to the side without helping it too much. This is the first time I have seen this foot responsive at all and to see both feet fully dorsiflexed after the tenotomy, well...I am just so dang happy that we are nearly there!

Stupidly, all of us there forgot to take the impressions of his feet with which to order the shoes, so he will probably have to have a holding cast on for a bit. Sigh. I am SOOOOOO done with the casting part of this - it has been five out of his six months of life so far and I just want the guy's skin to breathe some air for a change! Talked a bit to a friend about maybe trying him in some worn-in Markells (the regular shoes) she has until he can get his Mitchells (the specialty shoes he needs), so we will explore that.

But I am feeling that finally after six long months, we are getting somewhere and you know the reward will be when I see him take his first steps. Right? father-in-law got me this DVD and this book. He has been redeemed, now GO HOME!


M&Co. said...

I'm glad it went well!

Fritz said...

I totally ran across your blog by accident, but I met Dr. Pirani about five years ago in Iowa. My daughter was treated for clubfoot by Dr. Ponseti himself. She's six years old now and her feet are now absolutely perfect! She's learning to ski this year, played basketball last year, and she's very very interested in ballet which we'll probably put her in. We've had none of the nightmares that are reported for children who've had major surgery on their feet.