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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Thursday I tried to get Hayden to "cry it out" in his crib so that he would get the idea that he needs to sleep there and do it by himself. The first run of screaming went for an hour and a half, with me checking him every ten minutes or so. At the end, he was still full tilt, so I picked him up to nurse him, figuring maybe he was hungry. I nursed him and returned him to his bed, where he proceeded to scream for another twenty minutes. I brought him down again and let him hang out in his swing, where he was happy for an hour. I gave him some lunch (I've started him on Minigo now) and he fell asleep on me (where else?) Put him back into his crib and slept there for maybe an hour. And hubby wonders why I get nothing done during the day?

The time is drifting by so quickly - he's SIX MONTHS on Monday! I can hardly believe it! The past six months have been a whirlwind of hospital visits, illness and sleep deprivation. I feel like I haven't even enjoyed it at all. But that's not true, when I review the photos of him and his sisters.

Thursday night ended up being interesting. I had decided not to give Hayden any dinner since he had had the stomach flu on Wednesday and seemed to be still feeling unwell. He almost slept through the night, only waking to nurse a couple of times and not writhing around, trying to expel gas. Hmmmm....... Is it that the solids I have been giving him are too much for him at dinner time? I decided to experiment last night and only gave him rice cereal. Around 3:00 he began to get agitated and squirm around, but not as much as normal. I moved him to my stomach and burped him and he fell back to sleep. So now I will move his eating times around and see if that makes a difference at all.

I got out yesterday for a bit and it was nice. It was so crisp and cold and it felt good to breathe clean air. Okay, I use the word "clean" loosely here because Vancouver has pretty poor air quality.

Anyway, I have forgotten everything I wanted to say in this post because my brain is fried. So sad.

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