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Sunday, December 18, 2005

It's High Time for a Picture

It's been ages since I uploaded a photo of the Hamster Boy. So here you go:

And here is one of Kestrel the Aggressor:

I tried really hard to get one of the two of them together, but neither of them would stop moving and every picture came out blurry!

So I don't think I had mentioned that I thought I'd had a version of the stomach flu on Thursday, but without the usual stomach flu "activities" that ensue. I just felt kind of yucky in my tummy, but was still perfectly functional and otherwise feeling fine. I was wrong. Yesterday it struck in earnest and without going into too much detail, "please pass the Immodium". And we were going out, so I was a little concerned about how much time I was going to spend in our friends' bathroom. But I managed to keep it together and on the way home asked Doug if we could stop and get some more medicine because we were out. He took me to Safeway. So you know what happens in East Vancouver? Because of the rampant drug problems we have here, the drug store shuts down early and they proceed to lock up anything resembling a drug in the pharmacy area. That is to say that things like antihistamines, extra-strength anything and Immodium are locked behind clear plastic doors that they attach to the shelves. Now I have no idea how you could get high off of Benadryl, but I'm sure there must be a way, otherwise they wouldn't lock it up. So I had to settle for Pepto Bismol tablets. Apparently they are fine to leave out for the general public. I am happy to report that today I feel fine.

While at our friends' house we had a lovely dinner and later on there was music. They seemed to have quite the variety of instruments for the kids to play and Kes wasted no time in grabbing something (a tambourine) to play with, but also decided to have a stab at the piano. This was Hayden's first gathering of this magnitude and I could sense that he was overwhelmed by it and he was quite clingy. But it was one kid got out the kiddie duck call and subsequently Kes got ahold of it, that he started to lose it. He was so terrified of it, that I had to take him out of the room. It was heartbreaking and of course his sister thought it was an amazing thing so blasted away on it as much as she could. I finally had to tell Doug that Hayden had reached terminal velocity on his patience and we left. I commented as we got into the van that I was exhausted and Doug laughed and said "Me too and we've only been there for two hours!" God, it felt like an eternity! Amazing how much the chaos from 15 or so children will drain you. And we have another function tonight. I must comment though that everyone there very much admired Hayden and thought he was very cute - so that was nice. 'Cuz I happen to think he's stinkin' adorable (see photo above)!

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Laura said...

You got the two of them together... sorta. I see Hayden's hand in Kes' pic!

You have such cute kids. They are SO going to be heartbreakers.

Glad the flu is over in time for the holidays!