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Sunday, January 01, 2006


Wow - I haven't posted since last year! (giggle, snort, choke, mmph!)

Hope everyone had a wonderful time last night and here's to a year full of bounty, prosperity, joy, happiness, love, laughter, beauty, awe, delight, inspiration, intuition, cooperation, sexuality, fidelity, spirituality and so on. Not necessarily in that order. Add your own if you like.

I'm feeling a little under the weather today - been fighting the same cold that Hayden's had and my asthma is acting up. Yuck. And I'm feeling housebound, but it's too yucky to go anywhere today. Plus I'm not sure if anything is open today.

On a fun note, Laura bought me Season Seven of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I have watched the first disc already! I am trying to go slowly so as to savour each episode, but I'm such a nerd I want to watch all of them all day. (And considering the only way my son will sleep is on my chest in front the tube, that is totally feasible).

In the meantime, I am also browsing through this book that Laura got me and am enjoying it immensely. Also this one that my husband bought for me. So, I have plenty of things to occupy my time. Right. And the three year old. Who does things like reset my Palm Pilot for me. Thank goodness I hotsync often! Although she deleted all of my installed programs, so I have to redo them now. BRAT.

Sigh. She had better be the Prime Minister when she grows up.

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