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Monday, January 02, 2006

And Then There's Life

Does anyone know what happens when a disposable diaper goes through your washing machine?... Anyone?...Well I do.

Thinking he was being helpful to me, my husband requested that our teenager run a load of the three year old's laundry last night. In true teenage fashion, though, she merely threw the whole basket of clothes into the machine and started it. Obviously the three year old had placed a pair of pants in the basket with disposable diaper still installed in them. Result? MOUNDS of gloppy, viscous, gooey, slimy, mucousy gel EVERYWHERE in the machine! I then spent the next half hour shaking out the clothes and scooping (shudder) the gel out of the washer. It felt like brains. Not that I know what brains feel like, but it's the closest comparison I can think of. Hubby thought we should just throw the clothes in the dryer, but not knowing what the gel is composed of made me reluctant and I decided to re-rinse the clothing. The particles were quite small and would most likely pass through the machine with the water. Here's the other kicker - daughter one had thrown the WHOLE basket of clothes into the washer and it was more than one load. No doubt my washing machine was overloaded and couldn't possibly have rinsed out all of the gel. I separated it into two parts, re-rinsed, lectured above daughter about correct laundry practices and it all seems to have worked out right.

I was depressed a bit today. Last night was very difficult with Hayden and I am getting paranoid that he is uncomfortable in the casts as he is approaching week four in them. I can't wait until he is out of casts for good. For some reason (a full moon perhaps?) Hayden decided that in addition to excessive nursing through the night, he would also wake up three times to play at various intervals. This is a first for him. At one point, I was crying because my right hip was aching from having laid on that side nursing him all night, he was wide awake and hubby was snoring. Hence, above mentioned depression. All I can say is thank goodness for ibuprofen.

Anyway, due to grim weather and spirits, I spent the day surfing the net and watching t.v. (in addition to caring for baby's needs). I watched The Brothers Grimm and enjoyed it. Also dove back into the Buffy DVDs. Sigh. I need a life. Actually I have phoned and requested an appointment with my chiropractor, so that should get me out of the house. I'm just hoping for a better night tonight.

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