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Friday, January 06, 2006


I've been trying to get this post out the door for days! Sheesh!

Well, I have all of my balls in the air and have been spinning the wheels to try and make things work. Now that I have passed the six month mark with Hayden, I'd like to start taking him to daycare one day a week so I can get some things done around here. I also want to take Kestrel to preschool twice a week. I have been contemplating returning to work part time sometime mid-year. I almost drove myself crazy for a week trying to work out a schedule that would accomodate everything, until I realized that I won't be returning to work until at least May and should just leave that out of the equation for now. My plan became much clearer after that. Kes will go to preschool two times a week for two and a half hours each time and to daycare two days a week on her own. One day a week, Kes and Hayden will both go to daycare. I think this will work (she says crossing her fingers).

Hayden has been spending more time in the exersaucer and is now weight-bearing a bit more when you stand him in his lap. He has figured out how to make it spin around and bounce and loves to sit there banging toys on the tray. In addition to shaking his head no, he also will lay his head onto his left shoulder and it is the darned cutest thing to see! He grins and laughs all the time. I have given him some different things to try in terms of food. He has had his first taste of ice cream, marble coffee cake and bread. He has readily accepted them all. He is now starting to eat three meals a day of solid food and the other day when I brought him breakfast, he opened his mouth like a baby bird!

His sleep pattern continues to be all over the map, but the last few nights have been better. I've even been able to have some adult time with my husband once or twice - sweet! During some of my enforced insomnia I've noticed that my brain is clicking on a bit too much and I am thinking too much about random stuff. You'd be surprised at some of the strange ponderances I've had! I'll save that for another post. In the meantime, here's a classic photo for you:


Laura said...

He looks THRILLED!

On another note - Keira has jammies made (by Mom) from that exact same material that Kes has! Did your Mom make them?

chasmyn said...

Aw, he loves his big sister! *giggles*

What sweeties. Any yay for bearing weight!