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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Bride Wore Black

Last night hubby and I went to a wedding reception for a friend of mine who got married in November. Laura accompanied us there, too (we all work together). There was a nice open bar and lots of great hors d'oeuvres and plenty of fabulous Eighties music playing. Not long after we arrived the grand entrace occurred and in came the bride in the most beautiful dress. It was a black vinyl bustier with zippers on the sides. There were two front sections that were laced with hot pink ribbons and the back was also laced with the same. The skirt was volumes of black tulle. It was exactly what I would picture this girl in - perfect. The groom was in a black silk shirt and black pants. It all sounds very Goth, but the dress was incredibly stunning.

Being that I have not bought anything "fancy" to wear in a very long time, the reason being that my body has not what I would currently describe as ideal, I pulled out the same tired old stretch velvet dress that I've been wearing for years. This dress cost me $20 at a discount store on Commercial Drive and hasn't let me down yet! The only complaint I have about it is that I've washed it many times and it sill transfers black to everything, so I had to be extra careful with my nails so they didn't turn grey!

Hubby left the festivities around 10:00 and then at midnight I got "the call". Apparently Hayden had not slept a wink the entire time we'd been gone. Great. There is nothing more frustrating than being the only one that a child will accept. It makes it harder for me to go out the next time because I feel anxious and guilty. So needless to say, Hayden is quite bagged today and I have forced him to nap several times. We have a lot of catching up to do on his sleep as it's been so haywire over the months.

Anyway, all things considered, I had a wonderful time at the party and it will be one of those events that I will remember for a long, long time! Congrats to the bride and groom! And thanks to her parents for a swell time!

A couple of things: Hayden will NOT stop scratching and clawing at himself, particularly his legs. It has been suggested to me that perhaps the skin on his legs is itchy from being covered up for so long and that is definitely a valid point. BUT...I tend to think that it is because it is the only spot consistently accessible to him, because the minute he is naked, he begins to claw at his tummy and chest. He has even ripped at the back of his head. It's horrible; he scratches until he bleeds and I hate it. Here is a photo so you get the idea of what kind of damage he does:

Yeah - that's self-inflicted, the little bugger. I'm going to have to put the BabyLegs on him all the time now, or the socks on his hands.

The other thing is that again to my amazement, Hayden has figured out how to roll over in the FAB after just four days. I thought it would take him a couple of weeks to figure it out, but I guess I should never assume anything with this kid. You can view him rolling here. It looks hilarious doesn't it? He's also getting his knees up under him and just needs to coordinate holding up the front end and back end at the same time. He's still scooching backwards, too and has gotten the brace stuck under the couch and the coffee table! As well - good news - when he was sitting in his Bumbo last night to eat, I had taken his shoes off for his hour break before we went out so that Hannah didn't need to put them back on and he was moving his feet a little bit! Yay! I guess it is just taking time for his brain to register that he can now move that part of himself. He seems to want to catch up on everything as quickly as possible - I'll be hard pressed to record it all! I need to go out to the orthotist's tomorrow to investigate replacing his custom Mitchells. I hope they can expedite the order since it was messed up. Crossing my fingers!

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Mom said...

Poor little legs. I am sure he will get over the feeling of air on his legs and he will stop scratching. I can't believe that Hayden has already figured out how to turn over. That's a really neat trick. He is going to amaze you in the next few weeks. Once his back will hold up both ends, he will be getting into everything. Watch out!