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Monday, January 30, 2006

He Just Keeps Surprising Me!

Right after I posted yesterday, I decided to sit the boy up on the floor for a change and was prepared to sit close by to help balance him. I sat him up and....he stayed! By himself! He was even catching himself when he started to wobble backwards. Of course, I had to get a video clip. (Notice he did a dive at the end!) And here is one of him playing peek-a-boo! He truly gets the game and of course he refused to perform as well as he normally does for the camera (he ususally puts the blanket over his face himself), but you get the idea.

Also, I couldn't resist getting a photo of him in his BabyLegs. Here he is during his break time from the shoes:

He's in full-on teething mode and how. His cheeks will suddenly turn bright pink and he cries like there is no tomorrow. Funny thing is, the next teeth he gets should be the top two, but it's the next two bottom teeth that are coming, I can see them. He's going to look like a little bulldog when they come in!

Today I took the Mitchell shoes back to the orthotist and we discussed them for awhile. She was going to get them in the mail today and let's hope they can put a rush on it. They look so comfy for him. Hayden has an invisible line that once crossed, look out. That line got crossed while there and he started to fuss, then cry and by the time Hannah and I were in the car with him (she had a doctor's appointment today), he was hysterical. I was starting to get mad because there was no apparent reason for his trauma. I ended up taking the shoes off at the doctor's office and he settled down. I put them back on and he was okay for awhile, but he was very tired and wound it up again. Teething sucks.

Oh, but here is a series of photos of him "reading" his dad's special catalogue of psychological tests:

Hee hee!

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