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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Left to Their Own Devices

Yep, he's got the "go go Gadget arm" already!

Guess what? Last night I got Hayden down around 9:00. This was late for him but hubby and biggest sister had gone out to a concert and I was sailing the ship on my own, so once I got Kestrel down, it was later than usual. He went to bed and cried for a while until he gave up around 9:30 (I was checking on him every ten minutes). I went to bed around 11:00 and he fussed at 11:30, so I brought him into bed and he promptly fell back to sleep - until 6:30 this morning! I nursed him and he fell back to sleep for another hour! I got to come downstairs and vegetate for about 45 minutes this morning before Kes got up - sweeeeeeeet!

Last night I was surfing on eBay and found someone with an online book store. The prices were great and I got really excited as I went through my Chapters wishlist and found almost everything on it for excellent deals. I was all set to start buying when I checked out their shipping. Um....are you KIDDING ME? Their "non-negotiable" shipping structures consisted of paying "by the pound" for books, so to get books to Canada it was $7.50US for the first pound and $6.00US for every pound thereafter. And you guessed right....every book was minimum one pound! I know that a lot of people make their real money on eBay from the shipping and I have never minded paying a reasonable amount for things, even though I knew it didn't cost that much to get it to me - but then there are those people who just gouge you and that's just not right. Okay, there's my really important "issue" for the day!

I ran out of my favorite tea, Typhoo. I have to buy this tea at Meinhardt, which is one of those places I find it a pain to get to - particularly if I don't have the car. So I end up being without it for awhile until hubby and I can go together. But I am starting to have withdrawal symptoms - oh no!

Last night Kes was playing with Hayden and he has the tendency to grab hair - I have the painful memories to prove it. I have noticed that Kes does seem to be losing a lot of hair lately, but last night Hayden grabbed a chunk and pulled it right out. The size of the chunk would have caused extreme pain to anyone, but she didn't say anything and when I investigated, it looked as though it had just come free on it's own. Now I was worried - why would she lose such a large section of hair? I couldn't see where it had come from and she didn't seem to know when I questioned her, but I had to go and ask the Great Oracle Google about it anyway. I'm such a research junkie and I don't want to go ahead and diagnose her, because for all I know this is normal - but it looks as though it could be thing called Children's Telogen Effluvium, which goes by the following description:

Following a high fever, flu, or severe emotional stress, hairs that were in their growth phase can sometimes be suddenly converted into their resting phase. Two to four months later, when the child is otherwise fine and the stress is forgotten, these hairs can begin to shed. The shedding, which is actually a mass exodus of follicles from growth into dormancy, can last for up to six weeks.

The hair loss is not total nor does it tend to show up in patches. It typically just appears thin throughout the scalp. Unless the initial cause is repeated, all the hairs normally return (Telogen effluvium explains why many mothers lose so much hair weeks after childbirth). Most parents who bring their child to the physician for this condition are worried that the youngster has cancer or another bad disease.

Hair takes between 3 and 6 months to re-enter into growth phase, so the restoration can be somewhat slow.

So it appears to be totally normal and considering we were all sick for six months last year, it could be the likely cause. Kes' hair is very fine and so I don't think I'd notice if it were actually "thinning", I was just worried about the size of the chunk - it had to be about 20-30 hairs at least. Incidentally, Telogen Effluvium is what breastfeeding moms have as well - so maybe it's contagious, ha ha! Actually, I've noticed a reduction in my hair loss. A slight one, but a reduction nonetheless. Perhaps it's because I just got it cut and colored recently? I don't know. All I know is that because my hair was super short when I had both of the girls, I never noticed the amount of hair I lost. Here, have a look:

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