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Saturday, February 04, 2006

New Dog, Old Tricks

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days - there's no real reason, just haven't had the drive I guess. Nights with Hayden have been all over the map and we are now experiencing what it is like to sleep with a baby who has a weapon attached to his feet. He has been lifting his legs up over his head and banging them down and I find I am often doing the "duck and cover" so that he doesn't bring them down on my face anywhere. I have woken up a few times with the end of the bar digging into my back. I am trying really hard to get him into his crib and have gotten some great suggestions from the online support group in the meantime on ways to cope.

Hayden has been learning a little something new every day and I have the video clips to prove it. You knew that was coming, didn't you? One of the new things is this. He also likes to do that one when he is sitting in my lap, against my breastbone! Here he is getting up onto his knees in kind of a girls' push-up position.

The weather here has been positively vile. We had one good day yesterday and that was it. Last night the wind was howling and so angry. At 4:30 this morning, Kestrel burst into our room in hysterics - she'd been calling for her dad but he had not heard her and she'd had a bad dream and then awoken to the scary wind noises. She joined us (yes, 4 people in a queen sized bed) and we got her calmed down fairly quickly, but that sort of fouled up the whole sleep thing for that night - Hayden got disturbed and was miserable off and on for the next few hours until I gave up and brought both the kids downstairs. I've been a tad "off" today and have laid pretty low. Hayden's been running a fever today and has been very cuddly - he doesn't have any other symptoms to go with it, so I suspect it's his teeth. Number three has broken the surface and I figure Number four isn't far behind. He let me get a good look at it today when I was trying to tap at it with the spoon - the gums were still too swollen to hear it, but I could see that telltale clear section of gums surrounded by white. I've been content to lay around on the couch all day with him snoozing on me. He hasn't been extraordinarily cranky - just kind of inanimate.

We've got a man working in the house today to put the glass over the vaulted section of our bedroom ceiling and a railing around it in the attic so it can now be safe. I am usually on edge when there is work being done around here because we've had so much of it done over the last few years, but this guy is really nice and reasonablt quiet. Unfortunately, once we have a new face in the house (usually male), Kestrel buzzes around them, flirting outrageously and yapping their ear off - so I've spent the majority of the afternoon telling her to knock it off.

I'll try and write more tomorrow - I'm so unmotivated today.

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Debbie said...

Love the videos. I can't believe how fair Hayden's gotten. He looks really blonde.