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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Crazy Hip Blog Mama

I recently joined a webring called Crazy Hip Blog Mamas and they have started a Writing Collaboration. The topic this week is “What does being a Crazy Hip Blog Mama mean to you?"

Well, the crazy is sort of self-explanatory. Anyone with kids experiences the state of craziness from time to time. This weekend, Kestrel has been driving me crazy. She has been oppositional and hyperactive and beyond annoying. Last night she wrapped a crocheted scarf around Hayden's neck as many times as it would go and I caught her just in time as she was about to pull it like the rip cord on a lawnmower and strangle him to death. I took it away and she called me a "bum bum". Today I took her grocery shopping with me and she alternated between trying to grab things off of the shelves and shouting things like "GO AWAY" to other shoppers. At one point I had to park the grocery cart and stand there with my arms folded, not looking at her, while she had a time out. She threw toys at Hayden's head today - not soft ones. Crazy? If a band of gypsies had happened by, they'd be one member larger by now.

I've never really thought of myself as hip. I've sort of fumbled through the world of fashion and cosmetics, kind of a later bloomer you might say. But I guess when I think about it, I listen to a good portion of the same music my teenaged daughter listens to. I remember the day my mother commented that she liked a particular song of mine when I was a teen and I felt like throwing a ticker tape parade! So I suppose I kind of squeak into the category of "hip". I admit that recently I had one of those moments where I passed a mirror and thought "who is that old woman there?" And all this time I was thinking I still looked 19.

Blogging Mama - that's me. It took me awhile to get my groove on the whole blogging thing, with much guidance from Laura. But now that I am into the swing of things and learning more every day, I am definitely one blogging mama. Having a new son who was born with some difficulties helped get me started, but I have found I enjoy journalling - it is healing and feeds my soul and I like having a "public" who read me!

But what does it mean? To me, I feel if I can keep it all together, do my best to take care of everyone (emotionally if not physically - hubby does a lot of the cooking), balance a teenager with two small children (much as my mother did, but she had twice the kids I do), and still find time to do some things for myself, then maybe that embodies "crazy hip (blogging) mama" to me. And if things all go well, maybe I'll be around long enough to be a "senile hip-replaced blogging grandmama" down the road.

Just to prove she's not all bad all the time:


Chaotic Mom said...

Wow. You have quite a bit of Mommy experience! ;)

IzzyMom said...

"senile hip-replaced blogging grandmama"

Lololololol...this had me laughing so hard!

Thanks for stopping by my place. Hope you get to go home soon!

Mom101 said...

It sounds like the crazy hip mama is raising some very crazy hip chillins. Just the way it should be.

(and hey, thanks for the link...and welcome to the chbm.) -Liz

cmhl said...

she is a doll!!!