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Monday, March 13, 2006


Does anyone know what construction dust does to an asthmatic? I'm currently strung out on Ventolin and feel like I'm going to have a heart attack. While we avoided the demolition part of the dust for the most part by being at the hotel, there is still a fine layer of it everywhere and now there will be drywall dust following shortly. I am so pleased. I left the house with the kids this morning somewhat disgruntled because a) yet another complete stranger has seen me in my bathrobe; b) more noise, more dust; c) Kestrel won't stop flirting with any workman that arrives on our doorstep; d) yet another complete stranger to use my washroom and stink it up - hooray!; e) hubby merely escaped to his upstairs lair and left me to handle the two wee ones on my own, while I am strung out on Ventolin.

I ventured out to a friend's place, forgetting she had a cat - allergic reaction number one. While the reaction was purely asthmatic and did not spread to me scratching the living crap out of my skin, I'm rather fond of breathing. Envision me driving our minivan and sucking back the inhaler - must have been a sight. Then I took the kiddies over to my mom's place where there are two dogs - allergic reaction number two; more wheezing. What am I nuts? It was nice to visit with mom and I can count on my little sister to entertain the kids. She took Kestrel out and made snowmen with her because they still had a little snow in their yard. When she sends me the pictures, I'll post them.

The time at the hotel was okay - albeit inconvenient because now I was trying to get two little kids to sleep in the same room and you just don't have your "stuff" around you. It was a suite, though, which was good because I could grab some food and cook it. We watched a range of weather while there and a rather gimped out seagull visited us daily. One night it was so windy up on the 20th floor that I thought we'd blow away. The highlight (not) of the stay for me was when Kestrel opened the bedroom window. All I could think was "Eric Clapton" and it scared me so bad.

I've been trying to get this post off my computer for days, so I will not add any photos/video, even though I have tons. I have lots of updates on Hayden also, but I am so tired from not breathing and I have all of these physical complaints. I feel like an old woman.


Vicky said...

Hope the asthma calms itself soon. I can't imagine how that feels...ugh! And renos? Make me insane! My husband's still working on the bathroom...NINE months later.

Re: the comment you left on my blog about how we should drink together sometime...we totally should! I think some of us BC blogging mamas should get together sometime and have our own little Blogher cocktail party or something.

And finally (cause I really should be working and not blogging :) I put your rss in my reader and have been thinking for weeks that you haven't updated...only to come here and find that you've been posting the whole time. I'll try reinstalling it and see if it's better.


kfk said...

I'm sure you'll be glad when it is over and you have a beautiful renovation to enjoy. In the meantime, it seems hubby may owe you a day out by your lonesome--no dust, no kids, no reactions.

chasmyn said...

Ugh, does NOT sound like fun!

In other news, I've been wearing the Frankenkozy you made me and it is so comfy!!! Thank you again SO SO much for that. I'm sorry we missed you when we were there -it was just as well, Kiernen was so stressed out we ended up leaving Sunday anyway. But we got our physicals!

Now we wait.

Chaotic Mom said...

I can't even imagine the stress you'r under right now! I hope the renovation is worth the hassle... ;)