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Friday, March 17, 2006

A Visit From an Old....Friend?

I'm sorry I have not been blogging lately. I have not been in the mood. This last week has been very weird for me - I've been feeling sickly, depressed, moody and unmotivated about everything. Hayden has been doing all sorts of fantastic things I want to share with you and I just have not had the drive to even type one word. I have, however, been knitting like a crazy woman - which has suceeded in bringing back the repetetive strain that I know and love so well. That has not stopped me, though, as I invested in a new neoprene wrist support that rocks (which I promptly lost so my husband had to replace for me).

But this is not the old friend I am talking about. I went to Bellingham today (oh fair town, how I have missed ye!) with a good friend of mine and once we got there we stopped at Starbuck's for a coffee. I needed a potty break as my morning tea had kicked in, so I excused myself and oh! Hello Aunt Flo - haven't seen YOU in a long time. My, I've missed you......NOT! Well, my nineteen months of blissful period-free life are now over and I guess the reality is that this means I am now fertile again. Oh. Joy. This now means birth control and stuff. Blech. I had a feeling that she was going to return sooner than later because Hayden has been nursing less and less. In fact, I meant to blog about it - how he has only been nursing once or twice in the night and maybe before bedtime sometimes. I've been having angst over it because I don't want to switch over to bottles, really. Call me crazy, but why would I want to wean him off of something else? I've already got the soothers to worry about for that. So. Do I put him onto formula in the sippy cup? He's almost nine months old, should I venture into milk yet, or wait the rest of the three months until he is a year? Man, I just don't girls were nursing demons until the day I weaned them and Kes pinched my nipples for months after I weaned her just to see the milk squirt out. Sorry...overshare. And let's not forget the fact that ordinarily I've been the one with the control in this matter and I am feeling a little rejected to say the least. He just ain't interested. I've been trying to get him to nurse and he has treated my goods like they were made of rubber and has even bitten me a few times. Of course, he eats like a HORSE! He is averaging two to three jars of baby food (two veg, one fruit) per day, along with two large bowls of cereal. If he doesn't eat veggies for lunch, he has a container of yogurt - and not the little Minigo ones either. He is never happier than when I am handing him food and he has started to eat real solids - I have a video clip of him eating frozen peas (heated of course). He loves bread, crackers and cereal circles (we don't buy that TSP one!). He will gnaw on a pizza crust if given it; he has eaten raisins. I am impressed with his appetite and it's not like he is this big roly poly kid - he's quite proportioned!

His progress is as follows:

- he can lean way over supported with one hand to get a toy while sitting
- he can do the same when he is on his knees
- he tries to get from knees back to sitting, but is getting frustrated trying to swing the brace back around
- he easily scoots backwards on hands and knees now
- he is trying to wave bye-bye when prompted
- he is giving kisses now
- his very latest (and the one I'm most excited about): he can get up onto his hands and feet (downward facing dog for you yoga fans)...IN THE BRACE! I have a picture to upload of that one!

In the meantime here is a photo series of he of the rubber legs:

I think he may end up a gymnast!


Laura said...

Rubber legs is right! Wish I could bend like that - I think I would hurt myself.

Love the runner's stretch the best!

Vicky said...

OMG, that one of him laughing like a madman is priceless. He is soooo cute!

I've been a little (okay lots) down in the dumps myself lately...wonder if it's the fact that the sun is finally coming out on a regular basis and our Lower Mainland selves are not used to that. Where is all that rainy, dark weather that was supporting me in my depression? Anyways, I won't be asking for it to come back too soon.

Sorry to hear that Aunt Flo came back. My personal opinion is that once we women decide to have no more children, the tap should automatically shut off. Just like that.

kfk said...

Lucky you with the period thing. I always got mine within 2-3 months after birthing AND I breastfed. My body was meant to pop babies out one after the other, I guess.
Cute boy! I wouldn't start him on milk just yet, but maybe he could do formula in a sippy cup. Does he drink water or juice? I bet the transition would be easy if he does.