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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Some Good News!

I woke up yesterday feeling like a bag of crap and started thinking maybe I was developing a sinus infection. I actually felt worse than I did three days ago. Add to that Hayden whining and whimpering most of the night and I was beyond tired. Of course he had just drifted back off to sleep and Kestrel burst into our room and proceeded to have a very loud exchange with her father about her "uggies" (soothers), where I was shushing the pair of them but to no avail - Hayden woke up and was good for the day - AARGH! Then had a fight with hubby later about something else and the day was going swimmingly.

Of course I had a big day ahead of me with getting Kes to preschool (which requires walking there with around 60 pounds of combined child weight in the double stroller) and then I had to Skytrain it to Royal Columbian for a follow up visit with Dr. Pirani. Hubby tried to think of some alternatives for me to get around, but they all seemed even more complicated and stressful (one of them involved me driving back and forth about six times to the same area - no thanks). The weather held up nicely and I got the kids there - paid for the extra time that Kes would have to stay at preschool and headed off. Hayden entertained everybody on the train by being an outrageous flirt and we got to the hospital about 45 minutes early for our appointment. It was super quiet there so we were able to get in right away.

Dr. Pirani was very impressed with Hayden's Mitchell's - he'd never really seen them and thought they looked great. He asked if I was happy with them and I said most definitely. He asked how long Hayden was wearing them during the day and I told him 23+ hours. Sometimes I don't even give him the hour out of them because I am just bathing him and putting him to bed. He examined Hayden's feet and manipulated them all over - Hayden laying there completely unconcerned (yes!). I believe Dr. Pirani's exact words were "I'm over the moon with these feet"! You gotta love someone who is so pleased with their own handiwork! I told him how happy I was that Hayden's right foot stays fully abducted (turned outward) when I remove the shoe and also that his left foot moves freely over, where it used to be so stiff. Then I told him that I was mildly concerned that Hayden still won't really weight bear or even move his ankles and here Dr. Pirani said "yes, we need to get him up on them" and then came the good news.....

At the end of March, Hayden gets to reduce his hours in the shoes to nighttime only - ALREADY!! That means a maximum of 14 hours a day and a minimum of 12. I was so excited, I almost cried - I thought that he would be in them full time until he could stand up, which I was figuring for summetime at least. My first thought? "I'm going shoe shopping for my boy!" In addition to that, Dr. Pirani asked me if I would read over some material for a new clubfoot booklet he and others are putting together and I was totally delighted and honored! He said that I had been through the mill and he'd appreciate a parent perspective on it. COOL!

On the way home, after picking up Kestrel, I stopped in Chinatown to see if I could get a pair of those shoes with the squeakers in them to maybe encourage Hayden to stand, but alas - he is WAY smaller than even the smallest Asian size (13)!! I tried measuring his feet last night and I think they are about a 0 - eek! Sigh. So, excursion foiled. But I may venture out today sometime. Also, I tried to wedge some Robbez on his feet (they are also way too long), but his feet are so fat that I am not sure if he will ever wear them. DANG IT!

Here's a little something I was put onto by another blog, Gastronomy Domine. (I like her blog for so many reasons: a) she's in England, b) she blogs about yummy, yummy food that she prepares and c) she calls herself "squeezeweasel") Anyway, it's an appliance company called Smeg, whose products are naturally available everywhere but Canada - typical. But I have decided that my next house will have these appliances - they are beautiful (you know you've become an adult when you are getting thrills from fridges and stoves). So I don't care if I have to fly to England to get them. P.S. My other favorite food blog is Cooking With Anne - a must read.

Well, in closing here is photographic proof that Kes can actually be nice to her brother:

P.S. I don't think I do have a sinus infection as today I feel "okay". Just a crappy cold I guess.

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