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Monday, February 27, 2006

The Weekend Away

Hi all - well we arrived back safely early yesterday afternoon much to my happiness. I am either sick again, or still or in addition to what I already have and I am. Not. Happy. Hayden has the same thing and we have both been rivers of snot and coughing alternately. I've had to sleep Hayden on his back on a pillow to allow for drainage for the poor guy because otherwise he can't breathe. His mood has been fine, though - I am happy to report.

What is it about hotels that they can't provide at least a queen sized bed? Do they not know what it is like to sleep with a bedhog for a husband as well as a small child who takes up the space of a small country? It is amazing how wide Hayden's wing span is (his brace). I started him off in the playpen that the hotel provided and ended up with him wedged between it and me with a pillow to cushion him, while I spent three torturous nights contorted into positions that Cirque du Soleil would envy. As nice as it was to get away, having five people sleep in one room is not my idea of a relaxing time. The 45 year old and 3 year old both snore, the teenager tossed and turned, as did I and the 8 month old banged his bar up and down on my legs continuously through the night. Thankfully I am not as black and blue as I had envisioned I would be. Long story short, got some shopping done, visited the Royal British Columbia Museum, and watched it snow for about 10 exciting minutes while we were there. Back home to a pile of laundry and a runny nose or two. The change of scenery was good. I guess.

I laid low today and thank goodness - it was so cold and windy here. Miserable even. Spent the day knitting and playing with the baby. He had three - count 'em - THREE naps today! I was worried that he had been fouled up with the weekend away, but he laid himself right down and went to sleep. Suh-weet!

Speaking of the knitting - I bought this book (think I mentioned it) and paid a fair bit for it (about $25, thank you very much) - but figured it was worth it because it is all knitted toys and they are really neat. But. There are several glaring mistakes in it and if I was not an experienced knitter I would be confused as heck right now. Also, when it comes time to sew the toys together the instructions are vague and say something like "assemble as per picture", and then they show a picture of HALF of the toy fully assembled - WTF?? There should be more specific instruction I think because one of the toys turned out pretty bad and I almost got discouraged, but instead I put it away and started another! Good grief.

I forgot to post this last time, though. Look what my Mommy made! I would like to say I helped but I was merely there for creative input. This is so my baby boy's legs don't dangle down and hurt him in the stroller. Have a look:

Notice how hard it is to get Hayden to smile? What a cheeseball! Anyway - thanks to my mom, this little contraption works great! It has a piece of wood inside (that she cut BY HERSELF on the big table saw in my Dad's garage!) and then she even made the cover REMOVABLE in order to be able to wash it. The woman is a genius I tellya! (And just so you know, I actually spelled genius as "genious" before I noticed - so obviously she did not pass it on! ha ha!)

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Laura said...

That looks great! And way more comfortable for him! Your Mom ROCKS!