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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hayden Rockin' It....

...Bad Boy Style!

Here is our very own Johnny Rotten (or other punk rocker - that's the only name I know). Our friends sent us the Dead Kennedys shirt when Hayden was born and I have been waiting for the day I could put it on, along with his flame leggings. I even gave him a "faux-hawk"! Actually, maybe there IS a slight resemblance to Brandon Cruz from the actual group:

What do you think?

Things have been busy around here, sort of. I haven't had a lot of energy and am still trying to kick this lousy cold - problem is it has descended deep into my lungs and being asthmatic becomes really fun when that happens. I've been trying not to overdose on the Ventolin because it makes me a complete wreck.

Hayden has been entertaining as usual and I have lots to share with you. I am going to upload it all today because we are going out of town for a few nights and I won't (GULP) have access to a computer! Oh no! How will I ever survive - trapped in a hotel room with three kids? Yeek! Hubby has work to do over in Victoria so we all decided to go and stay an extra day or two. Of course now that I have to pack up for myself and two little kids and not forget:

food to sustain Hayden for three days (which includes cereal, vegetables, fruit and yogurt)
a towel and wachcloths for Hayden
Tylenol, Advil, Dimetapp, teething gel "just in case"
bibs, bowl, spoons, more cloths
diapers and wipes for three days
enough clothes to allow for emergencies
toys, baby seat, stroller and possibly playpen
stuff to entertain Kes
clothes for Kes
nighttime diapers for Kes
bib and cloth for Kes
clothes for myself
makeup and skin care
hairbrush and hair product
stuff to entertain myself

...I'm already exhausted and we haven't even left. I'm sure there is much more that I am forgetting on this list. Anyway, I guess a change of scenery will be nice.

So. The boy and his new tricks. Here is he and his bendy legs/feet. Flexible ain't he? Also, he has started clapping his hands. It's only after I watch these that I realize what an idiot I sound like 90% of the time. Yeesh.

Here he is playing peek-a-boo with me from behind the coffee table:

Beyond cuteness if you ask me (but then I AM biased!)

I have been having some crazy dreams lately. A couple of nights ago I dreamed I got a modelling job.....for Depends! Yeah - apparently they had come out with a new "butt-enhancing" style and I had just the "Flat Ass Look" they were looking for. This all according to my agent of course. Sadly, I must report that FA Look is a reality for me. The dream I had last night was too scary and warped to even tell about. Let's just say that it involved Kes and this really creepy guy and ended up with me yelling for Doug, except that I couldn't get his name out - only a weird squawking sound. I woke up to Doug shaking me - apparently I was really doing it! That NEVER happens. It was very upsetting and I hope the dreams subside now.

Since we will be out of town on Friday, I decided that I would send both the kids to daycare yesterday so I could have some time to myself this week. I used it wisely: got my nails filled and had a pedicure while I was at it. The pedciure chair, complete with foot bath was also a massage chair - heaven. After that I headed over to the fabric store for more supplies and came home to total relaxation. Sweet. Conveniently it had worked out that Hayden's physio appointment had been cancelled for yesterday - disappointing but easy enough to reschedule. We will probably see the physiotherapist next Tuesday anyway when we have our follow up with Dr. Pirani.

Well, that about wraps it up, for now I suppose. Oh! Wait - one more thing: Hayden made a tentative move forward when on his knees the other day before flopping onto his belly! I was very excited! Progress, yes!

Have a great weekend folks! I will talk to you on Monday (probably with intricate reports of the weekend!) Ta ta!


chasmyn said...

Oh, I love the look!!! That shirt is perfect!!!

He looks so much happier to be out of those casts - so much freedom of movement!

Jody said...

Oh yes, beyond cuteness! He is a doll!

And I love his bad boy look.

He seems to have adjusted to the DBB with very little problems.

Colleen & Eric said...

Glad to see our shirt finally came into it's own. Did we tell you it came from a shop up the road from us at Haight-Ashbury?

Anyway, what a sweetie - can't wait to meet him! He looks like such a happy chappie.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a resemblance. Baby has it going on!