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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Eight Months Old

Today Hamster Boy is eight months old and I can hardly believe it! The time has just gone by so fast! Only in the last four weeks, though, has he really come into his own with the development and I am so happy and relieved and proud. His latest accomplishment? Clapping his hands! Hannah taught him that one and it is just so cute. It is also kind of hit and miss - when you ask him to do it, sometimes he smacks himself or you before he gets his hands together - way cute! I'll try and capture it on video.

I'm still having computer problems and need to replace the drivers for my camera and Palm Pilot - arrgh! It sucks because I know so little about this and just expect things to work properly all the time. What a pain!

I realized in reading my own blog that I have repeated myself three times in a row with the sick thing - sorry! Can you tell it has been a major part of my world for the last week or so? Ah well, on the mend now (I think), so I can stop yapping about it!

I recently went to the book store and bought a knitting book of toys and dolls - the stuff is so cute that I want to make all of it! Yep - more projects, just what I need! But I find knitting very therapeutic and am so grateful that my mom taught me to knit when I was very young (about six I think). I still have my first knitting project somewhere - a little sweater for a teddy bear! Funny enough, I have never learned to crochet and even though most people say it is easier, I find it impossible! Go figure.

So to date, here is the list of projects I'd like to work on:

Writing: various projects, fiction and non-fiction
Knitting: finish poncho for Hannah, finish knitted dog for Kes, start new projects
Sewing: work on baby blankets and try to get started marketing them
Home: start going through the basement (eep!), find some better organizational tools for kitchen
Papercrafts: get working with Laura on planned project, plus various other projects

Maybe now that I have written it out, some of it will happen. Supposedly that works, according to Henriette Klauser. I recommend this book to everyone, I really enjoyed it!

Okay, I blabbered on enough. Here's a video to finish things off. The boy DOES have a funny bone!

1 comment:

Jody said...

Okay, so I just finished my catch-up reading of your blog since October!

Those Mitchell shoes look great! Quinn used the DBB, and I wish they had had those soft shoes while we were using it!

So glad your days of casting are over for now! It sure is a relief when the last cast comes off. We did Dimeglio, but I remember well the splints and DBB.

How long will he be in the DBB full time?

Again, sorry I missed all your posts.