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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Brief Update

Hi there - I haven't blogged in several days due to a variety of reasons, the least not being computer problems. I've also been sick and not feeling all that well. But the computer problems have been my biggest issue - the jerk. It has been refusing to recognize the digital camera when I plug it in and I guess that means the drivers were removed. So I have been virus scanning, trojan seeking, worm hunting and so far have not turned up too much. The biggest problem I am having is that everything is operating so slowly and I have to wait an eternity for something to launch just to watch it then crash or freeze. So I am frustrated to say the least. But I am determined to figure this out on my own (thanks to Laura's help) because when I ask my husband for help he just yells at me for downloading things. So stay tuned because I have some really great pictures and video clips to show you and the blog just wouldn't seem the same without them!

But just to keep you going, I DID go see a movie yesterday on my "day off" after some shopping, which felt really good by the way. I saw Underworld: Evolution (sorry Laura). I loved it - full of vampires and werewolves and hybrids, oh my! I haven't been in a theatre for as long as I can remember and I went to the new Paramount here in Vancouver - very nice and spacious and a complete rip-off as per usual. I paid $10.50 (CDN) to get in and then forked over another $12.50 for a popcorn, drink, treat combo - GASP! At least they gave me a two for one admission for my next movie because that is just highway robbery! What happened to the good old days when going to see a movie was an inexpensive activity? Or remember $2.50 Tuesday? Of course, it was mayhem on those days, but nonetheless much cheaper! But back to the movie - equally as good as the first one if you are into that sort of thing and very entertaining.

I'll be back ASAP with updates and photos, okay?

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Laura said...

AAAAHHH!! You SAW it?? How could you do that??

I'm kidding. Really! By the time I finally drag my butt out to see it, it'll be on DVD. But at least I know it's as good as we hoped!